Wednesday, 12 October 2016

10 Wish List Items & 10 Things I Wanna Do This Month

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Metallic High Heels  –  Neon Sign Necklace  –  Pink Sunnies
Metallic Flamingo Bag  – Love Me Tender Bag  – Diamond Ring
Pleated Velvet Skirt  –  Flower Necklace  –  Red Platform Shoes  –  Fake Fur Jacket

1.  Enjoy autumn: Although it's not my favourite season, I want to focus on the good things, munch a lot of chestnuts, wrap myself in fluffy things and hide from the cold at home with a lot of tea and scented candles while listening to records.

2. Declutter my wardrobe: It's time to let go and downsize! Earlier this year I read the book "The Lifechanging Magic of Decluttering" by Marie Kondo. I love the thought of having a flat full of only the things that cause a "spark of joy."

3. Less understatement, more self-confidence: I am the master of making myself small. But is this reasonable? I am not perfect just like everybody, and I feel it's time to be okay with this and focus more on what my skills and qualities instead of being worried about my faults.

4. Manage to have a tidy desk for more than a day. Seriously: My desk looks very blogger-cliche, a mess full of shoeboxes, makeup, accessories and event invitations. My goal is to have it Instagram ready – all the time.

5.  Call or write all my friends I've neglected during the last months and let them know that they are important in my life, even if I might not be there every day.

6. Shop less: I own far more than I need and I think it's essential that we all reflect on our habits of consumption because of our environment.

7. Take my darling to a unique location in London for his birthday. It should be posh, lovely and have fancy food. If you have any ideas, leave me a comment.

8. Visit the Björk Digital exhibition at the Somerset House: Cause this iconic woman is a big source of inspiration, I admire that she seems ahead of her time. Besides: This is gonna be my first virtual reality exhibition.

9. Start to think about Christmas: Cause it seems to be too soon every year, and it's always a stressful time to have everything from cookies to gift guide articles ready. This year I wanna finally make it and start early!

10. Relax: Sometimes I feel like one of those Indian gods with the many arms, not because I consider myself as divine, but life is so busy, and there is barely time to take a breath and just be. I believe it's important to slow down from time to time. A perfect day doesn't have to be glamorous but can involve to stay home with uncombed hair, wear no makeup and watch series only.

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  1. I love that coat and the sunglasses so much, perfect wishlist as always <3 I really want to see the Bjork exhibition too!