Sunday, 13 November 2016

A Goodbye to a True Starlet

Prada cadillac, pink hair, blogger
Prada cadillac, pink hair, blogger
Bally shoes, pink, bow
pink hair, lightening bolt earrings, suzywan deluxe
polka dot skirt, tara starlet, street style
Bally, shoes, pink
Prada, Cadillac, Sunglasses
Tara Starlet, blogger, outfit
flamingo cardigan, collectif clothing, retro
Prada, cadillac, pink hair
Kate Spade, maise, pink handbag
blogger, look, outfit
Bally, high heels, pink

This post is a goodbye to a label I am very fond of: Oh Tara Starlet, thank you for your flattering skirts and vintage inspired dresses. You cast your magic for eleven years, created dream dresses and turned women into beautiful retro queens. You had a mission, and you fought very brave as an independent label in a sea of cheap high street brands. You were bold and bright, but nevertheless, you had to give up your big dream in the end. Tara Starlet is not the first independent brand I see disappearing; it's something that happens every day and if we don't do something will continue to happen.

But what can we do? I must confess it's not much, but let me tell you one thing: Think wise where you shop, because it doesn't just influence the looks you wear but changes the fashion landscape. With your purchases, you are a stone in the avalanche that decides which brands stay and which disappear. Do you want everything as cheap as possible and need something new every week? Maybe it's time to think twice!

Do you wanna buy from people who follow their passion and do their very best to offer unique designs, excellent quality, and clothes produced under fair work conditions? Well, then buy from them and not from the ruthless ones!

During the years, I started to worry more and more about the effects of fast fashion on our world and although I sometimes can't resist buying from the shops providing it, I believe it's not the future. I don't wanna see any more piles of rotting clothes in the desert on telly; I don't wanna see factory workers treated risking their life and health for a few pennies in emerging countries. Some people say to refuse consumerism is the answer, I don't think this is possible and reasonable, but consciousness might be the key!

Tara Starlet, it was a very good time with you, I wish you all the best. Hopefully, you will come back one day. In the meanwhile, you live on in my wardrobe, and I'll wear your pieces with a lot of pride.

My Outfit:
Skirt: Tara Starlet, Top: Collectif, Blazer: Miss Selfridges (old),
Sunglasses: Prada Vintage bought at Markentussi, Shoes: Bally bought at Fashion Fish,
Bag: Kate Spade, Earrings: Suzywan Deluxe bought at Sooo Happy


  1. ahhh ich merke, ich war schon viel zu lange nicht mehr auf deinem blog.
    deine zuckerwatte-pinken haare retten einen aber aus jedem herbst/winter blues.
    wundervoller look :D

  2. What a beautiful sentiment about indie brands AND a beautiful outfit to go along with it. Keep on fighting the fast fashion fight!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  3. What a beautiful outfit, I love the combination of yellow and pink, so bright and cheerful in winter. I also adore those sunglasses, they've been on my wishlist for years! Sad news about TS, I hadn't realised.

  4. so sad they are going! I have a playsuit from tara starlet and its so unique, ill def keep hold of it!