Sunday, 20 November 2016

Art Inspires Fashion: Roses by John Rawlings

Lumas, John Rawlings, Roses
lumas, art inspires fashion, john rawlings

Art Inspires Fashion is back! Some of you missed this category of posts, and I know you were right because styling outfits taking inspiration from paintings and photographs is something I love to do as a former university of applied arts student.

Today's inspiration is the photography called "Roses" by John Rawlings taken in 1948. The American Rawlings was one of the most important photographers of Condé Nast from the 1930s through the 1960s and created numerous covers for the magazines Vogue and Glamour. His style of photography was very forward and influences many fashion photographers till today.

The picture "Roses" is part of the Vogue Archive collection of Lumas and shows an elegant lady wearing a stunning vermillion velvet hat with rose appliqués. I was instantly enchanted because the picture captures true beauty and prestige in a very sensual way.

My look includes the essential things of the artwork: Smooth and shiny materials,  delicate flower petals and gorgeous berry colours. While the appearance of the lady is uncompromisingly elegant, my style has a different edge and can be understood as a translation to modern times.  If necessary, the lady in my picture can run for the tube or carry a dozen shopping bags (after all she is an independent girl), but she will look just as beautiful as John Rawlings model.

Have a closer look at the picture and get it for your home here.

Picture: Roses ©, John Rawlings, VOGUE Archive Collection,


  1. I love this so much and I'm glad one of my favourites series on your blog is back xx

    1. Oh I am happy you say this :-D I am already working on another post and wanna keep it up this time. :-D Have a happy eve <3