Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Birthday Girl

baby blue look, sheepskin scarf, winter outfit
Florence Bridge, sheepskin scarf, miss patina cat shirt
pleated skirt, winter look, blogger style
marc b. pink handbag, quilted bag
Miss Patina, cat collar shirt, tassel earrings
florence bridge, sheepskin scarf, blogger style
cat collar, miss patina, pink hair
baby blue winter look, sheepskin scarf, marc b.
Florence Bridge, sheepskin scarf, winter look
marc b., miss patina, cute winter look
pastel look, winter outfit, blogger
ego shoes, pink boots, transparent heel

It's my birthday today, and this makes this post a special one. I am glad the look and the pictures turned out very well, and it's a good feeling to share it with you while I take the weekend off from blogging, something I rarely do. The scarf I am wearing could be counted as kind of a pre-birthday gift; my darling bought it for me in London when I was in serious need of something fluffy in my life.

Even if I love blogging, I am excited about my selfishness for taking a whole weekend just for myself instead of editing pictures and catching frostbite while shooting in the cold. Being a blogger doesn't only fill a huge part of my life, my friends and family are taking part of it as well. Some of them in an active way with helping me to organize shootings and connections, others in a more passive way with being patient with me and have some understanding if I am late for the family brunch because of a photo shooting. A big thank you to all of you at this point and sorry for talking about shoes and necklaces so much all the time.

Writing this a day before my birthday, I have no idea what I am doing today, I just know it involves a little journey, good food and spending time with my love. Have a beautiful Sunday too, and I hope you enjoy my pastel look!

My Outfit:
Shirt: Miss Patina, Skirt: Topshop (get similar here), Shoes: Ego, Bag; marc b., earrings: Suzywan Deluxe bought at Soo Happy, Scarf: Florence Bridge


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  2. Sooo pretty! Love the colors and those boots are sooooo fabulous! Happy Birthday!!

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    BLOG: Cherry Lips Blonde Curls
    INSTAGRAM: @margaritabloom
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  3. why do y like ego it's a fake .. copy some of the models of famous brand :(