Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dyson Supersonic: Is this the Holy Grail among Hairdryers?

Dyson Supersonic, review, Dyson hairdryer
Dyson Supersonic, Dyson hairdryer, review
Dyson hairdryer, Dyson Supersonic, review
Dyson Supersonic, Dyson hairdryer, review
Dyson Supersonic, Dyson hairdryer, review

There is no way around the new hairdryer from Dyson; it's in all magazines and newspapers and last Christmas there was no gift without it. The Dyson Supersonic is stylish, unlike any other hairdryer and like all products from Dyson, it doesn't come cheap. While all sounds exciting (besides the hefty price tag) let's ask the most important question for us beauty geeks: Is it worth the hype or just a blast of hot air? I tested this innovative hairdryer for you and tell you what I honestly think about it.

Let's start with a few facts: The Supersonic is the result of extensive research and tests with over 600 prototypes and 1000 miles of human hair. Dyson caused a worldwide shortage of hair on the market during their research. They built a new dedicated beauty testing lab, hired engineers and looked for the advice of world's best stylists to rethink the way a hairdryer is made.

The motor of the Dyson supersonic is placed in the handle, while traditional hairdryers have it always in the head of the device. You have the choice between three speed settings. There is as well a built-in microprocessor that measures and regulates the air temperature 30 times every second to prevent your hair from heat damage.

The Supersonic comes with three magnetic attachments: A styling concentrator, a smoothing nozzle and a diffuser for curly hair.

And now to the really exciting part, my test:

First impression: Love at first sight like in a Disney story

Unpacking it gives me that awestruck Apple-feeling: Every millimeter of the packaging is suggesting that I hold a premium quality futuristic piece of technology in my hand. From the first second, I want to love it very badly. Gosh, this design! It looks unlike any other hairdryer, but a little bit like a mini-version of Dyson's bladeless fans.

First try: Is this the solution for more sleep and no more feeling like lifting weights while drying my hair?

Switching it on for the first time I am hit by a blast: It's incredibly powerful. You might expect a device like this to be loud and roar like a lion, but its sound is surprisingly quiet, and lays extremely well in my hand. While some other hairdryers make me feel like I am lifting weights while using them, this one is quite light. My hair is happy too; it is dry very fast and feels smooth and glossy.

I have a few difficulties to style my hair because I am used to a traditional hairdryer, but I am very motivated to adapt to the Dyson and believe this device might change my hair game. I feel the strong urge to tell everybody I encounter about this hair dryer, and they react in a puzzled way. No wonder: I don't think it ever happened that a hairdryer was stirring so much excitement in the beauty industry.

Two weeks later: Is it weird to invite people to my flat so they might see my fancy new gadget in the bathroom?

During the first days, I switched back using my other hairdryer sometimes, because styling was still a bit of an issue. But after a few days, I got to know how to handle my Dyson, and every other hair dryer starts to feel clumsy. My boyfriend was even ahead of me: At his first encounter with the Dyson, he decided that our other hairdryer is less efficient and therefore no option anymore.

While I had the intention just to lend the Dyson Supersonic for this review, I ended up buying it. We are even thinking of purchasing a (designer) stool to display it in the bathroom: The Supersonic is just too beautiful to be stored away in a cupboard. :-)

Two months later:How could people ever believe the earth is flat or was there a life before the Dyson Supersonic?

A traditional hairdryer, me? Never if I can have the Prada among hairdryers! My old hairdryer is collecting dust in the drawer and feels like a relic from the middle age, while the Dyson Supersonic is my new best friend. It's certainly an expensive gadget, but think twice: A hairdryer is something you use every day and doesn't that justify to invest in a quality product? My advice: Get the Supersonic, it's worth every cent!

More about the Dyson Supersonic here:

Monday, 23 January 2017

Ana Ljubinković SS17

Ana Ljubinković, SS17, Belgrade Fashion Week
Ana Ljubinković, SS17, Belgrade fashionweek
Ana Ljubinković, SS17, Belgrade Fashionweek
Ana Ljubinković, SS17, Belgrade fashionweek
Ana Ljubinković, Belgrade fashionweek, SS17
Ana Ljubinković, SS17, Belgrade Fashionweek

If Alice would turn into a futuristic heroine and travel through the galaxy instead of discovering wonderland, I bet she would wear the SS17 collection from Ana Ljubinković:

Belgrade (Serbia) based designer and artist Ana Ljubinković has always loved to experiment with fabrics, colours and forms. She graduated with a degree in Painting and her roots in visual arts is an essential part of her fashion work. Ana is not afraid of breaking rules and creates something new and yet unseen following her own vision. Her innovative pieces rarely fit conventional descriptions such as „jacket“ or „skirt“ but are truly innovative.

Girlish uniform-like silhouettes in ice cream hues are paired up with cartoonish sensibility. Ana‘s models take over the silver catwalk as bold cosmic dolls on acid. The looks are completed with pastel garrison caps and incredible sky-high heels (look at the shoes, gosh!).

This collection is kitsch at its best and takes you into a weird and bewildering candy world.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Five Years in Love with

quirky fashion, colourful outfit, fashion blogger
fashion blogger, pink hair, edgy style
fashion blogger, street style, pink hair

Today is a very special day: Sara is in Love with… is celebrating its fifth anniversary.

Five years of excitement, self-doubts and learning a lot of new things. Five years and I am still on my way to realizing that I am not the average fashion blogger and I can't decide if that is my luck or my curse, maybe it's just both.

You see all outfits of this year above and an animation with looks from my five years of blogging below. I went through all outfit pictures ever taken creating it, and it was very emotional. Some old pictures made me doubt if I am still as good as I used to be, others made me blush and wanna delete them immediately. But what is a blog if not a journey? Every travel needs ups and downs, and maybe especially the bad things happening are necessary for finding the right way.

During the last five years, I felt very proud of what I achieved with my blog but was thinking about giving up very often too. I asked myself if I have enough to tell to keep this blog alive. I don't want to do the same pictures, same poses and write the same hollow words to go with them again and again. I am not the most vivid writer nor a gorgeous model, so can I give you enough? What is it that brings you here exactly and so many of you?

There is a lot of pressure in the blogging scene, a lot of comparing and jealousy. Often I end up feeling hurt when certain agencies and brands seem to ignore me. Am I not good enough for them? In theory, I know that confidence is the key, but I still stumble again and again. But a kind reminder from myself to me: Sara you have been interviewed by your favourite shoe brand Melissa this year, you had a whole page feature in a major newspaper, and you met one of the world's biggest artists (only to name a few exciting things), this all means something. It might not change the world, but at least bring a little bit of colour into it.

I often feel like there are certain specific categories of bloggers and I fit none of them: I am neither "That vintage blogger" nor "this plus size blogger" or "that blogging model." But this is who I am, and authenticity has always been paramount for me: I am Sara, I love to dress, and I am inspired by many things from avant-garde fashion to pop culture, art, Asian street style and Barbie. I am a shopaholic, and I dream of shoes and handbags. When I grow old, I would like to have a museum-worth collection of clothes, just like Isabella Blow or Iris Apfel. I know I am galaxies away, but just give me time, and I keep going. This is what I love and what I wanna share.

If I imagine a life without this blog, it feels like a massive hole is opening up in my heart. I put a lot of my love, energy, and passion into every pixel you see here, and after five years I can barely imagine living without my baby. Like any child, it's not perfect, but it's learning and growing.

Thank you for being here, for all your comments and lovely emails and for believing in me when I sometimes don't. Thank you for all the exciting opportunities and things you brought in my life. I never dreamt of my parents having a collection of magazine clippings with me on it, giving interviews and meeting labels and designers I love.

Life is great! Let's get ready for the next five years!

fashion blogger,  street style, quirky fashion

NZZ Stil, fashionblogger, streetstyle
Highlight 1/5: My full page newspaper feature in the NZZ Stil (picture by Jeroen van Roojien)

Colourful people, london, colour walk
Highlight 2/5: Being part of the colour walk at Spitalfields Market in (picture by Hanna Miles)

nelly duff, fashion meets art, valery demure
Highlight 3/5: Shooting at London gallery Nelly Duff for Valery Demure

melissa shoes, press, fashion blogger
Highlight 4/5: An interview on the page of my fav shoe label ever Melissa

pipilotti rist, art, fashion blogger
Highlight 5/5: Hitting tons of newspapers with artist Pipilotti Rist and her completely pink tram

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Lovely Giveaway: Sugar & Vice Tropical Flamingo Necklace

giveaway, statement necklace, flamingo
giveaway, Sugar & Vice, statement necklace
Sugar & Vice, statement necklace, flamingo necklace

Are you suffering from January blues being back at work and leaving your beloved kingsize duvet early in the morning? I knew this moment would come and therefore kept an especially cute giveaway until the new year:

You all know that the animal I love above all other is the flamingo with its long elegant neck and pink feathers. To share my flamingo queen feelings with you, I am giving one of you this tropical statement necklace by British accessory designer Sugar & Vice. It features four large laser cut acrylic charms, strung from a bright pink rope chain. 

January will loose its dullness when you choose tropical flamingo! Good luck and keep on dreaming of beach parties on islands with palm trees.

How to win
Just follow the options in the Rafflecopter below and tell me what you would wear with this necklace. The giveaway is open worldwide and ends on the 31st January 2017.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Post-Human Silhouette in Progress

avant-garde fashion, maude studio, maxjenny!
raincape, maxjenny, fashionblogger
sunglasses, emerald green, kanokkorn lamlert
raincape, kanokkorn lamlert, blogger style
maxjenny!, blogger, fashion
Maude Studio, diamond shaped handbag, iridescent bag
maxjenny!, raincape, fashionblogger
edgy fashion, avant-garde fashion, blogger
kanokkorn lalmert, statement necklace, swarovski
Maude studio, emerald green bee sunglasses, iridescent
maxjenny!, cape, rain cape
pink hair, blogger, edgy fashion

The first look of the year and I think It's a good start. Oh god, I nearly got frozen while doing the pictures but I just had to show you this fabulous cape by maxjenny!.

Recently I read the expression of the "post-human silhouette" in a book about avant-garde fashion, and since then I am obsessed with musing about it and its meaning. I always loved to play with silhouettes, and I think there is far more to it than the classic shape considered as beautiful, break boundaries, become something else than 90-60-90 or any other industry-made standard, something totally unexpected and new, day after day, this is what I'm after.

I felt like a constantly shapeshifting drop of colour in a world of brutalist architecture, doing this shoot and wanna see it as a symbol for the new year: 2017 you better be a year of (good) change! Don't mistake me; I don't want to become somebody else, but I wanna find more facets of myself and push the boundaries of what defines myself and my fashion taste.

During the holidays I looked at old pictures of me and my boyfriend asked how I feel about the way I evolved. I said I feel more myself than ten years ago. So let's go further this road and not get older, but like a piece of art in progress just more complete!

My Outfit:
Cape: maxjenny! bought at Big, Shoes: Ego, Sunglasses & Handbag: Maude Studio,
Dress: Vintage, Necklace: Kanokkorn Lamlert, Pompom Keychain: The Laden Showroom,
Pineapple Keychain: H&M, Tights: Esprit