Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Five Years in Love with

quirky fashion, colourful outfit, fashion blogger
fashion blogger, pink hair, edgy style
fashion blogger, street style, pink hair

Today is a very special day: Sara is in Love with… is celebrating its fifth anniversary.

Five years of excitement, self-doubts and learning a lot of new things. Five years and I am still on my way to realizing that I am not the average fashion blogger and I can't decide if that is my luck or my curse, maybe it's just both.

You see all outfits of this year above and an animation with looks from my five years of blogging below. I went through all outfit pictures ever taken creating it, and it was very emotional. Some old pictures made me doubt if I am still as good as I used to be, others made me blush and wanna delete them immediately. But what is a blog if not a journey? Every travel needs ups and downs, and maybe especially the bad things happening are necessary for finding the right way.

During the last five years, I felt very proud of what I achieved with my blog but was thinking about giving up very often too. I asked myself if I have enough to tell to keep this blog alive. I don't want to do the same pictures, same poses and write the same hollow words to go with them again and again. I am not the most vivid writer nor a gorgeous model, so can I give you enough? What is it that brings you here exactly and so many of you?

There is a lot of pressure in the blogging scene, a lot of comparing and jealousy. Often I end up feeling hurt when certain agencies and brands seem to ignore me. Am I not good enough for them? In theory, I know that confidence is the key, but I still stumble again and again. But a kind reminder from myself to me: Sara you have been interviewed by your favourite shoe brand Melissa this year, you had a whole page feature in a major newspaper, and you met one of the world's biggest artists (only to name a few exciting things), this all means something. It might not change the world, but at least bring a little bit of colour into it.

I often feel like there are certain specific categories of bloggers and I fit none of them: I am neither "That vintage blogger" nor "this plus size blogger" or "that blogging model." But this is who I am, and authenticity has always been paramount for me: I am Sara, I love to dress, and I am inspired by many things from avant-garde fashion to pop culture, art, Asian street style and Barbie. I am a shopaholic, and I dream of shoes and handbags. When I grow old, I would like to have a museum-worth collection of clothes, just like Isabella Blow or Iris Apfel. I know I am galaxies away, but just give me time, and I keep going. This is what I love and what I wanna share.

If I imagine a life without this blog, it feels like a massive hole is opening up in my heart. I put a lot of my love, energy, and passion into every pixel you see here, and after five years I can barely imagine living without my baby. Like any child, it's not perfect, but it's learning and growing.

Thank you for being here, for all your comments and lovely emails and for believing in me when I sometimes don't. Thank you for all the exciting opportunities and things you brought in my life. I never dreamt of my parents having a collection of magazine clippings with me on it, giving interviews and meeting labels and designers I love.

Life is great! Let's get ready for the next five years!

fashion blogger,  street style, quirky fashion

NZZ Stil, fashionblogger, streetstyle
Highlight 1/5: My full page newspaper feature in the NZZ Stil (picture by Jeroen van Roojien)

Colourful people, london, colour walk
Highlight 2/5: Being part of the colour walk at Spitalfields Market in (picture by Hanna Miles)

nelly duff, fashion meets art, valery demure
Highlight 3/5: Shooting at London gallery Nelly Duff for Valery Demure

melissa shoes, press, fashion blogger
Highlight 4/5: An interview on the page of my fav shoe label ever Melissa

pipilotti rist, art, fashion blogger
Highlight 5/5: Hitting tons of newspapers with artist Pipilotti Rist and her completely pink tram


  1. I keep coming back for your kindness, unique sense of style, and the love you have for fashion that just oozes from your writing. There is no other blogger like you and that's what I love. Keep up all the excellent, hard, creative, challenging, and fun work, Sara. I'm a fan for life!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  2. Sara, I'm so beyond thrilled I stumbled across your blog when I did. What an inspiration! I definitely smiled at the mention of Iris Apfel-- I'm getting Apfel vibes, for sure, though your style is at the same time so uniquely yours. Never, ever worry about categorical labels or fitting the mold--you were born to stand out! ;)
    Congratulations on five great years... here's to many more! <3

  3. Your outfits (and you) are such an inspiration! Unique is hard to come by and your style is totally unique.

  4. Such a cute blog post and blog Sarah. Every time I see you and your lovely pink hair I smile! You are fabulous - keep on with your fab work.

    xx Yvonne

  5. This is wonderful! Congrats on these years!! I wish you many more of them to come. Sorry I am late in my wishes. Sara, you are doing brilliantly...please don't worry about recognition or thousands of followers or whatever else. The people that are here, are the ones you are inspiring and that is what is important. Things will come through your continued hard work and dedication. There aren't a lot of us out there that steer away from the same old stuff that everyone else does, take courage in that. It is what stirs me on when I feel like quitting because the same old girl has yet again been noticed for doing the same thing again and again. I just take that annoyance and turn it into fuel to try a little harder and keep going. Unique is hard to find and even some days, unique seems to be sold to the highest bidder and then what is unique isn't so unique any more. We must remember that unique isnt just the clothes we wear, but in our seeing and vision, how we look at things differently!! Keep going, I love your blog and even if I was the only one that read it, it'd still be one of my favourites <3 <3

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