Thursday, 5 January 2017

Post-Human Silhouette in Progress

avant-garde fashion, maude studio, maxjenny!
raincape, maxjenny, fashionblogger
sunglasses, emerald green, kanokkorn lamlert
raincape, kanokkorn lamlert, blogger style
maxjenny!, blogger, fashion
Maude Studio, diamond shaped handbag, iridescent bag
maxjenny!, raincape, fashionblogger
edgy fashion, avant-garde fashion, blogger
kanokkorn lalmert, statement necklace, swarovski
Maude studio, emerald green bee sunglasses, iridescent
maxjenny!, cape, rain cape
pink hair, blogger, edgy fashion

The first look of the year and I think It's a good start. Oh god, I nearly got frozen while doing the pictures but I just had to show you this fabulous cape by maxjenny!.

Recently I read the expression of the "post-human silhouette" in a book about avant-garde fashion, and since then I am obsessed with musing about it and its meaning. I always loved to play with silhouettes, and I think there is far more to it than the classic shape considered as beautiful, break boundaries, become something else than 90-60-90 or any other industry-made standard, something totally unexpected and new, day after day, this is what I'm after.

I felt like a constantly shapeshifting drop of colour in a world of brutalist architecture, doing this shoot and wanna see it as a symbol for the new year: 2017 you better be a year of (good) change! Don't mistake me; I don't want to become somebody else, but I wanna find more facets of myself and push the boundaries of what defines myself and my fashion taste.

During the holidays I looked at old pictures of me and my boyfriend asked how I feel about the way I evolved. I said I feel more myself than ten years ago. So let's go further this road and not get older, but like a piece of art in progress just more complete!

My Outfit:
Cape: maxjenny! bought at Big, Shoes: Ego, Sunglasses & Handbag: Maude Studio,
Dress: Vintage, Necklace: Kanokkorn Lamlert, Pompom Keychain: The Laden Showroom,
Pineapple Keychain: H&M, Tights: Esprit


  1. You and your style never cease to amaze me! And I like that term "post-human silhouette." I've never heard it before! Thanks for freezing a little for fashion. It was totally worth it to capture this unique outfit!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  2. Stunning as always! I love the cape - so unusual, and your shades are fabulous!

    Emma xxx

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