Sunday, 26 February 2017

CeliaB SS17: Spanish Bomb!

CeliaB, SS17, lookbook
CeliaB, SpanishBomb!, SS17
CeliaB, SS17, colourful fashion
CeliaB, SS17, Natacha Duarte
CeliaB, SS17, red dress
CeliaB, SS17, Natacha Duarte
CeliaB, Natacha Duarte, SS17

Hello CeliaB SS17! My favourite fashion designer released her next collection, and while I think all her collections are (colour) bombs, this one is even called Spanish Bomb! and truly fulfills the expectations of this powerful title.

With this collection, the Asia-based designer Celia Bernardo returns to her Spanish roots and merges her original signature designs with spectacular ruffles and bold, colourful prints. The Latin influence is apparent in the delicate embroidery, the mesh textile and the explosive use of colours.

For the third time, CeliaB worked together with Natacha Duarte who made the prints for the collection. This time the Portuguese artists created a land of wonder where everything is possible with dreamy fantasy leafs and flowers, colourful peasants and dotted jaguars.

Celia's passionates goal for Spanish Bomb! is to bring happiness into our world and I believe who looks at the fantastic pieces can feel this immediately. Her fashion is for bold, strong women who are feminine and individual, yet playful and it's such a relieve to see something as unique as her work in a world where people tend to dress the same. It must be a lot of fun wearing those mind-blowing pieces, therefore: Yes, I want to be a Spanish Bomb!

You can shop the collection here and watch this video to find out more about CeliaB: