Monday, 20 February 2017

Lovely Shopping Wish List

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Rainbow iPhone Cover  –  Knitted Turban  –  Flower Necklace
Embellished Sunglasses  –  T-Rex Bag  –  Printed Dress  –  Heart Collar
Glitter Boots  –  Geometric Earrings  –  Star Handbag

Yesterday, for the first time this year I felt spring approaching. I watered the plants on the balcony without freezing, and the sunrays tempted me to sit into my baby blue Acapulco chair for a few minutes. Oh yes, I anticipate the warmer weather coming back! 

Inspired by the beautiful light, I started to compose this wish list post, and I bet you are not surprised it turned out all spring-like and colourful. How I would love to wear everything together to a smashing look...

I love all my fluffy coats, but I am so so ready to put them aside till next winter. I want to wear my highest heels without fearing to slip on icy streets, and I am looking forward to fewer layers of clothes. Please, please, please sun, say you are here to stay. I‘ll do my best to pick up piece after piece of my spring wardrobe in the meanwhile to look like a sparkling rainbow when the flowers start to sprout.

Which pieces of this wish list do you like best and what are your must-have spring items?


  1. The collar and shoes are wonderful. Though, I enjoy the whole list. I hope Spring will be soon, can't wait!! x

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