Monday, 27 March 2017

Let's Dance Flamingo the Whole Day

blogger, Celia B, colourful look
Celia B, Manoush, blogger look
blogger, pink glasses, Manoush jacket
blogger, Celia B, colourful look
blogger, look, leopard print
Sophia Webster, flamingo bag, pompom handbag
Manoush jacket, blogger look, pink and green
Sophia Webster, Celia B, blogger look
blogger look, Celia B, colourful fashion
Celia B, Sophia Webster, Manoush
Celia B, blogger look, street style

This is one of my favourite style posts ever, and I certainly don‘t say that about every post, I swear. The opposite: As a very critical person, I rarely ever like myself on pictures, and I always think there is space for improvement. Sometimes I am even highly disappointed about outfits looking way better in my imagination than captured in pixels. But not today, right now I am just pleased with how this post turned out. YES, what an extraordinary and rare feeling!

I think it‘s the magic of colours in these pictures: My life is all about colours, and this shoot captures very well how I feel. If there was an ocean of colours, I would dive into it without hesitating for a glance and live there as a happy rainbow whale. I am not satisfied with just pink or green or orange; I insist on having them all together, and that's what I did today. After all, it's the beginning of spring, and I think this exciting season needs to start with a blast!

Note to myself: Whenever I don‘t feel beautiful (which happens a lot of) I should immediately slip into this look because it empowers me to boldness. It‘s a wild mix of prints, fabric, and materials. Pompoms meet leopard print and beads have an encounter with the hand pattern.

The bag is a real dream piece I got from my boyfriend after staring at it online for weeks. Don‘t I just have the best man? He knows that I don‘t need a ring from Tiffany, but flamingos and fluff.

If we find beautiful walls to take pictures in front of them, there is a certain feeling of happiness creeping into my heart. Please say that you are here to stay...

My Outfit:
Dress: CeliaB, Jacket: Manoush, Handbag: Sophia Webster (similar here),
Earrings: L.O.M., Sunglasses: Dibsy, Shoes: Ego Official, Bangle: Serena Kuhl


  1. I love this!! You look sooo beautiful. I esp. adore that coat!!!

    Regina/ Margarita Bloom Beauty & Fashion

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