Sunday, 30 April 2017

Life is a Tropical Bar!

tropical look, kenzo skirt, maxi skirt
maxi skirt, leo print look, kenzo
House of Holland glasses, pink hair, snake earrings
CeliaB, crochet bag, rainbow handbag
4&theReckless, black boots, silver heels
Kenzo maxi skirt, leopard print look, blogger style
tropical look, leopard print, palm necklace
Yazbukey, snake earrings, acrylic jewellery
CeliaB, crochet bag, little monster bag
leopard print, iridescent bangle, colourful nails
House of Holland sunnies, tropical jewellery, pink hair
kenzo skirt, blogger look, tropical fashion
Tatty Devine, tropical look, palm leaf necklace
4&theReckless, leopard print, maxi skirt

Dear Life, you are full of surprises. Although there are moments when I don't understand you, and I might be angry with you, I love you from the bottom of my heart.

When I was younger, I tried to imagine how you would be when I was grown up, and I dreamed of fabulous things going to happen. Some of them have already come true, a lot of things I was too modest to wish for and others were just silly dreams, and I am grateful they never happened.

What I didn't imagine was all the work I would have to do to reach all my goals, from tiny to huge. All the hustle and stress I complain about too often, and that causes dark shadows under my eyes.

But you know what? I don't want to have it another way: I want to deserve what I got, and I love what I do, even if it is sometimes exhausting. Dear life, please let me continue and go further together. Let's do more of what I love and wish for a lot of time because I am just getting started. Not least important: Let me be a tropical girl for the rest of my life, thank you.

My Outfit:
Jumper: Asos, Skirt: Kenzo x H&M, Shoes: 4th & Reckless, Bag: CeliaB,
Necklace: Tatty Devine, Earrings: Yazbukey, Sunglasses: House of Holland,
Bangle: AYM from Waldraud

Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Pink Hair Guide: How to Make Love Last

pink hair, Colorista, color spray
Overtone, pink hair, hair care

Four years of pink hair, one year since I wrote a pink hair guide and now it's time to make some additions and tell you about my latest hair care tricks. Pink – or colourful hair in general – has reached a wider spreading in the meantime, and a lot of brands answered the call with new products created for the specific needs.

One of the biggest problems of colourful hair is the fading. Resisting the urge to wash your hair every day and using the right shampoos helps a little (and washing your hair with cold water would, but: Eeeeeek, that is no option!), but can't stop the process. Don't despair; there are products making your love story last longer. Here we go with my favourite darlings:

Overtone Pastel Pink Daily Conditioner
Use this conditioner every time you wash your hair, and the mild formula adds colour while moisturizing it. I used to dye my hair every week; now I'm down to every two or even three weeks thanks to this deliciously smelling conditioner. My hair feels more healthy than it did for a long time.

Overtone Go Deep Pastel Pink Weekly Treatment 
The second weapon to fight the fading from Overtone. Once a week your hair deserves an extra rich and conditioning treatment! It only takes 10 to 15 minutes and makes your hair less dry than your homemade mix of conditioner and dye.

Colorista Spray
I bet this hair disaster sounds familiar: You just freshly dyed your hair, and it didn't turn out even. You can either curse and wear a cap for the next days or follow my clever solution: This spray. Just add a few dashes to your dry hair, and you are ready in no time. Use it on any colour of hair (besides black and very dark brown) for a touch of pink that washes out the next day. I only wish it came in bigger bottles cause I am addicted...

If you have questions about my hair care, please feel free to ask in the comments below. You can buy Overtone here, Colorista should be available at your local pharmacy.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Jeff Koons Inspired Easter

Easter look, bunny, cute look
bunny look, Easter outfit, fashion blogger
fashion blogger, Tempress of Waikiki, fascinator
fashion blogger, Easter look, CeliaB outfit

Happy Easter everybody! I bet you are all eggcited (sorry for the lame joke ;-) ) about the long weekend, colouring eggs and eating chocolate. I am so glad I can finally share this post with you because I barely couldn't keep it to myself.

As a fan of the art of Jeff Koons, I was intrigued when I discovered shiny metallic chocolate bunnies at the shops that reminded me a lot of the work of the famous artist. Mister Koons had nothing to do with them, but I wouldn't be surprised if the packaging designer of the bunnies was a fellow Koons lover and balloon dog fan.

When a giant version of the bunnies arrived at my local petrol station to make it look cheerful, I just knew I needed to get my fingers on one for a shoot.

I can't say if the lady at the checkout had a clear idea of what we planned to do with her bunny, but I am grateful she lent it to us, and we brought it back safely. It must have been quite a view for the pedestrians when my photographer and I walked through the streets carrying this green long-eared giant. No fancy outfit could have topped the amount of surprised looks we got.

And here we are: Sara in metallic bunny land. I felt a little bit like a model in a Tim Walker shoot (yes I know it's light years away, but still closer than I ever was) in my pastel rainbow dress and with a unicorn on my head. This is how Easter should be, yay!

My Outfit:
Dress: CeliaB, Fascinator: Temptress of Waikiki, Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa, 
Sunglasses: Vow London, Bangle & Necklace: Vintage, Eye Ring: Swarovski

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Lovely Shopping Wish List

wish list, blogger, rainbow colours
Rainbow Shoes  –  Blue Printed Dress  –  Tassle Earrrings
Red Handbag  –  Bodycon Dress  –  Parakeet Necklace  –  Winged Handbag
Sunglasses  –  Pink Shoes

Time to let you have a glimpse into my dream shopping bag again, and it's all colourful like confetti. If this moment a parcel with all wish list pieces would arrive at my doorstep sent by a good fairy, I would drop dead from an overdose of beauty.

No offense Belle – I like books too – but shoes and bags win today, and I would consider turning the library of the castle into a walk-in closet. Do you think the beast would be angry with me? (By the way, if you haven't seen The Beauty and the Beast you should hurry to the cinema and watch the adventure of the first Disney princess that didn't do what men told her).

There are so many events happening at the moment, and I constantly feel the urge to be dressed especially well, what doesn't make my wish list smaller. If there are small and big boxes of coloured crayons, I certainly wish myself and my wardrobe to be the deluxe edition.

Please, please Easter bunny, have a look at this list and maybe reconsider the chocolate you have in your bag for me. I bet some shoes would fit into your basket too ;-)

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Lovely Label: Caribbean Art from Mama Tierra

Mama Tierra, Wayuu bag, craftsmanship
Mama Tierra, Wayuu bags, Craftmanship
Mama Tierra, Craftmanship, Wayuu bag
Wayuu bag, Mama Tierra, craftsmanship

„Wow, those colours and patterns“ was the first thing that crossed my mind when I discovered Mama Tierra and their bags and accessories at a pop-up market. But unlike many accessories they are far more than just fashionable, so let me tell you about their makers, the Wayuu.

The Wayuu belong to a Carribean ethnic group of 600’000 people who inhabit the northernmost tip of South America. In a no-man’s-land where 80% of the population lives in poverty, problems such as the immense inflation, water shortage and the enviromental pollution caused by multi-national mining companies make them struggle for survival.

The pride of the Wayuu is their craftsmanship: While western culture displays art in museums, they wear it. Wayuu culture demands perfection, and they are among the most skilled weavers on the earth. After a Wayuu girl menstruates for the first time, her tribe starts to instruct her on tasks to reach adulthood. Hard work, perfection, and respect toward others are important values and learning to weave hammocks or bags are paramount to grasp these values in their culture.

Mama Tierra is Spanish and stands for Mother Earth. The goal of the Swiss Non-Profit organization is to support the financial independence of Wayuu women by commercializing ethnic accessories. They are inspired by those women who earn the family’s living, bring up the children, struggle for the preservation of nature and pass on their heritage. I think this is a cause we should all support and the best way to get active is to bring a little piece of colourful Wayuu culture into our everyday life!

The New York Times describes the Wayuu bags as cult objects. Stars like Cara Delavigne, Katy Perry or Uma Thurman have fallen in love with them just as I have. A lot of fashion stores all over the world started to offer them, however there are cheap bags among them. I am glad I found Mama Tierra to prevent me from falling for the low-quality version and own one of their bags as a symbol of my deep respect for the art of the Wayuu.