Sunday, 9 April 2017

Lovely Shopping Wish List

wish list, blogger, rainbow colours
Rainbow Shoes  –  Blue Printed Dress  –  Tassle Earrrings
Red Handbag  –  Bodycon Dress  –  Parakeet Necklace  –  Winged Handbag
Sunglasses  –  Pink Shoes

Time to let you have a glimpse into my dream shopping bag again, and it's all colourful like confetti. If this moment a parcel with all wish list pieces would arrive at my doorstep sent by a good fairy, I would drop dead from an overdose of beauty.

No offense Belle – I like books too – but shoes and bags win today, and I would consider turning the library of the castle into a walk-in closet. Do you think the beast would be angry with me? (By the way, if you haven't seen The Beauty and the Beast you should hurry to the cinema and watch the adventure of the first Disney princess that didn't do what men told her).

There are so many events happening at the moment, and I constantly feel the urge to be dressed especially well, what doesn't make my wish list smaller. If there are small and big boxes of coloured crayons, I certainly wish myself and my wardrobe to be the deluxe edition.

Please, please Easter bunny, have a look at this list and maybe reconsider the chocolate you have in your bag for me. I bet some shoes would fit into your basket too ;-)


  1. ok es steht fest,
    ich besuche nie nie wieder deinen blog.
    Da wird man doch arm XD
    und meine wishlist wird länger und länger!
    Mal wieder eine super Auswahl :D

    alles Liebe deine Amely Rose

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