Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Pink Hair Guide: How to Make Love Last

pink hair, Colorista, color spray
Overtone, pink hair, hair care

Four years of pink hair, one year since I wrote a pink hair guide and now it's time to make some additions and tell you about my latest hair care tricks. Pink – or colourful hair in general – has reached a wider spreading in the meantime, and a lot of brands answered the call with new products created for the specific needs.

One of the biggest problems of colourful hair is the fading. Resisting the urge to wash your hair every day and using the right shampoos helps a little (and washing your hair with cold water would, but: Eeeeeek, that is no option!), but can't stop the process. Don't despair; there are products making your love story last longer. Here we go with my favourite darlings:

Overtone Pastel Pink Daily Conditioner
Use this conditioner every time you wash your hair, and the mild formula adds colour while moisturizing it. I used to dye my hair every week; now I'm down to every two or even three weeks thanks to this deliciously smelling conditioner. My hair feels more healthy than it did for a long time.

Overtone Go Deep Pastel Pink Weekly Treatment 
The second weapon to fight the fading from Overtone. Once a week your hair deserves an extra rich and conditioning treatment! It only takes 10 to 15 minutes and makes your hair less dry than your homemade mix of conditioner and dye.

Colorista Spray
I bet this hair disaster sounds familiar: You just freshly dyed your hair, and it didn't turn out even. You can either curse and wear a cap for the next days or follow my clever solution: This spray. Just add a few dashes to your dry hair, and you are ready in no time. Use it on any colour of hair (besides black and very dark brown) for a touch of pink that washes out the next day. I only wish it came in bigger bottles cause I am addicted...

If you have questions about my hair care, please feel free to ask in the comments below. You can buy Overtone here, Colorista should be available at your local pharmacy.