Sunday, 14 May 2017

A Happy Mother's Day at Fashion Fish

Fashion Fish, shopping, factory outlet Switzerland
Our lovely group, all wearing what we bought.
Hallhuber, Fashion Fish, White Dress
This Hallhuber dress was obviously the most popular one.
blogger, fashion fish, shopping
No, I didn't match my outfit to the Guess sign on purpose.
Fashion Fish, Mister Zimi, blogger
Look at the glow shopping brings into my face ;-)
fashion fish, shopping, outlet Switzerland
Getting our makeup and hair done.
Tropical Prints, Hallhuber, Fashion Fish
The tropical gang: Cassia and me posing as style sisters.
Fashion Fish, Fluffy slippers, Bally
Sara in fluffy slippers heaven with the new shoes from Bally.
Fashion Fish, Clifford Lilly, Stylist
Stylist Clifford Lilly: Always a great source of advice and fun.
Fashion Fish, Moschino Pink Fresh Couture, blogger
Yes, finally I have the Moschino Pink Fresh Couture. It smells yummy and looks even better!
Clifford Lilly, Fashion Fish, blogger
Clifford Lilly and I: Aren't we a cute couple?
Fashion Fish, Mother's Day, Shopping
Fashion Fish knows very well that cocktails are the icing on the cake to every shopping experience.
Fashion Fish, shopping, Mother's Day
Pink flowers ready to make the eyes of the mothers shine.

Happy Mother's Day to all lovely mothers and daughters out there, but as well to all women who inspire, influence and sometimes act as surrogate mothers, drying tears and being part of lifetime events! 

My Mother's Day started last week already, with an exciting mother-daughter shopping event at the factory outlet Fashion Fish in Schoenenwerd (SO/Switzerland). Bloggers and winners from a contest met each other for shopping, getting styled and having drinks and chats together. Stylist Clifford Lilly was at our side to help with styling advice and charm.

I've been at Fashion Fish for the second time (read my first post here) and had so much fun there both times. I bought the poshest fluffy sandals ever from Bally, the new Moschino Pink Fresh Couture (OMG that bottle looks even better in pink) and a vintage style dress with tropical print. 

Sadly I couldn't take my mother with me, cause she was in Egypt enjoying the sun. I would have loved to shop with her and have some beautiful pictures of he two of us taken, but being alone had the advantage of having the whole generous budget for myself. I loved to watch the other mother-daughter couples shopping because they were all very cute. We chatted a lot about colours, the best bargains and beauty secrets, while updating our wardrobe.

Thank you very much for having us Fashion Fish, I'll be back for sure!

Credits: All pictures by Amanda Nicolic.Styling Monica Styles.


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