Wednesday, 31 May 2017

L.O.M.: Monsters Garden Party

L.O.M., new collection, Monsters Garden Party
jacket, embellished, bird print
L.O.M., mesh dress, fashion
L.O.M., leaf kimono, festival wear
L.O.M., Barbie dress, fashion design
lycra, festival wear, leopard print
colourful fashion, L.O.M., Monsters Garden Party
fur hood, leopoard jacket, L.O.M.
golden dress, party, L.O.M.
L.O.M., Monsters garden party, fashion collection
tassel earrings, colourful, accessories

With the new collection "Monsters Garden Party" Louise – designer of British label L.O.M. – takes us on a journey to a dream world of colour and fantasy.

"I imagined I was invited to a garden party hosted by monsters. What would I wear to such an occasion?", says Louise about her latest work. The base of the collection are the well-loved and familiar lycra pieces. They have become a signature style of L.O.M. during the past collections. As an update to her lycra, Louise created a print that makes even monsters jealous: Gloopy leopard spots meet iridescent lizard skin in a digital print that creates a three-dimensional effect in bright pink and electric blue.

Another highlight of the collection are the glamorous dresses made from Barbie pink embellished tulle as well as bold golden quilt robes and cheeky lime green mesh dresses. Many pieces seem innocent at first sight, but beware of the monsters hidden in the details: Dragon eyeballs and delicate pointy teeth are stitched to the designs.

Since everything is so exciting, I came to believe that monsters must know how to party! Let's join and have fun together, you colourful souls out there!

Find out more about L.O.M. and shop the collection:

Designer: @l.o.m_fashion, Photographer: @sofi_adams_photography, Stylist: @Twinksburnett, Hair: @rupops, MUA: @Wilmamua, 
Models: @olivia_harriet @Eryntett @meryannek, Assistants: @sophiesmithstudios @anita272, Studio: @greyshutterstudios, 
Tights: @welovecolors, Glasses: @vowlondonuk

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