Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Why I Believe in Coincidence & Winkwood Sunnies Giveaway

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Adidas look, sporty look, iridescent jacket
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High Spirit bag, anti theft backpack, blogger style
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High Spirit backpack, iridescent jacket, pink hair
Adidas shoes, neon sneakers, sneakers and cute socks
Winkwood sunglasses, wooden sunglasses, handmade
sporty look, casual blogger, iridescent jacket

Coincidence is my partner in crime: I didn't plan how the wind plays with my hair in these pictures, didn't know about the beautiful marble wall before leaving the house nor of jumping in front of the camera.

Coincidence is what made me start this blog, meet my boyfriend for the very first time and probably it's why I am here. Coincidence is everything, unless you believe in destiny.

Fashion is eventuality as well: There is no such a thing as THE perfect look, but a lot of chance happening why you have several pieces at hand and why certain things attract your eyes. They encounter you on the market in Bangkok, you had to wait for the bus in Zurich, or a friend told you about that particular shop in London. But all could have been very different if you went to Iceland, took the car instead of the bus or had tea with a different friend.

Coincidence might also make you win a pair of handmade Winkwood glasses, like the ones I wear. Do you believe that you might be the lucky one? Then give it a try! Good luck to all fellow friends of coincidence!

You get as well 30% when shopping at Winkwood with the code SARAISINLOVEWITH.

How to win a pair of Winkwood Sunglasses

Just click here to enter and win. The giveaway is open worldwide and ends on the 19th of June 2017. The winner will receive a code to get a pair of Winkwood sunglasses valued at $149 of their choice.

My Outfit:
Top: Tally Weijl, Skirt & Shoes: Adidas, Jacket: The Ragged Priest (similar here),
Sunnies: Winkwood, Backpack: High Spirit, Socks: Topshop


  1. It's no coincidence that I decided to read blogs tonight and that your fun outfit was at the top of the feed. This look just brightened my day (er, night)!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  2. awesome look! :-) thanks for the giveaway ❤