Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Ritual of Hammam or How to Relax at Home

Rituals Hammam Ritual, Rituals Cosmetics, spa at home
Rituals Cosmetics, spa at home, relax
Rituals Cosmetic, Spa at home, relax moments
Rituals Cosmetics, spa at home, hotelplan hammam competition

Rituals Cosmetic, Spa at home, relax moments
Rituals Cosmetic, Spa at home, relax moments
Rituals Cosmetic, Spa at home, relax moments

Many years ago – somewhere in Tunisia – kind of a love story began, when I had my first encounter with the oldest cleansing tradition of the world: The hammam. I was deeply impressed by the mind-opening experience of relaxing in the beautiful atmosphere of a vaulted cellar.

I purified my body according to the ritual, enjoyed drinking steamy mint tea from glasses with ornamental decoration while the ladies around me chatted in their melodic language. This is one of my most beloved memories.

In our fast world, a visit to the hammam can feel like a precious gift: Finally, you can let all your troubles go and focus only on yourself, your body, and your mind. Since my first encounter with the hammam, I go there occasionally, and it helps me to obtain an inner state of peace.

Luckily there is a hammam in every bigger city, and even better: Now Rituals brings the hammam feeling to your home. No need to go on holidays or to a fancy spa, you can do something for your inner balance right where you live. In case you didn't know, in Arabic, the word hammam means bathroom as well so this is where it happens! I see my whole flat as a private island of relaxation, and the hammam products help me to create my beloved ceremony at home.

This is my Ritual of Hammam

Preparation: Don't disturb my home spa
Turn the mobile phone off and place it in a drawer, this time is only for you, and you shouldn't get disturbed. I suggest to prepare some fresh mint tea and put on quiet music. My choice is Lebanese singer Yasmine Hamdan (see Spotify playlist at the end of this post). I love her songs as sweet as honey full of mystery. Suddenly my home feels like a place right from Sheherazad's story book.

Maybe only some fragrance sticks are missing till you are ready for the hammam at home.

Step 1: The Ritual of Hammam Black Soap
Apply a thin layer of the massage soap based on refreshing eucalyptus and nourishing olive oil onto your entire body to begin your ritual.

Step 2: The Ritual of Hammam Hot Scrub
This is probably my favourite step because I love the warming effect of the sea salt scrub with ginger and eucalyptus.
Apply and massage your entire body in circular movements to exfoliate your body, then rinse off.

Step 3: The Ritual Hammam Body Mud
When your skin is still tingling from using the scrub, it’s time for the rich body mud for ultimate purification. It's made with mineral rhassoul clay and eucalyptus and helps to purify and polish your skin.

Step 4: The Ritual of Hammam Foaming Shower Gel
This foaming shower gel refreshes and revitalizes your skin, while you enjoy the scent of eucalyptus and rosemary. Massage it onto your skin and see how it turns into a creamy foam.

Step 5: The Ritual of Hammam Body Cream
We already reached the last step: Body lotion is a special treat for the skin and helps to keep it hydrated. This rich cream gives a lovely silky feeling. Besides the hammam ritual, I use it on a daily base.

After the ritual: Let's have more mint tea
I love best to sit on my terrace enjoying the evening sun after my hammam ritual. Since my balcony is Mexican-themed, I feel like I just came back from a dream journey around the world, starting from Turkey going through Tunisie and ending in Mexico City.

What a relaxed cosmopolitan life!

This post contains sponsored products.

My favourite music for 
the hammam ritual

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Lovely Rainbow Wish List

rainbow fashion, wish list, fashion blogger
Sunglasses  –  Loved Earrings  –  Tiger Scarf
Snake Backpack  –  Swimsuit  –  Choker Necklace
Crop Top  –  Beaded Clutch  –  Sandals

My love for rainbows doesn't disappear, the opposite: It grows and we must have a double or even triple rainbow by now. As even (after many other fashion labels) Gucci embraces the rainbow-hype with their platform shoes, it feels entirely justified. Why decide for one favourite colour if you can have the full spectrum combined? 

Rainbow is an attitude, and it's the opposite of restriction, it means getting everything. If you are not convinced yet: Imagine if Skittles would all be in the same colours and admit that would be the end of the world as we know it.

I see the rainbow as a symbol of fun and enthusiasm: It makes me think of all things happy like the innocence of childhood, a box of coloured pencils and beloved comic characters like Rainbow Dash or the Care Bears. You all know that I love flamingos, but I can't deny there is one advantage rainbows have even over my favourite animals: There is a rainbow emoji, yay! So let's send them around the world and spread the colour, start a rainbow movement!

I can already see myself on holidays with a pair of stylish rainbow sunnies and the matching swimsuit, relaxing in a huge floatie, sipping fruity cocktails. 

Rainbow I love you, cause you make me dream and that is a mighty power!

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A Major Key to Happiness

Schmiley Mo, blogger, colourful look
Schmiley Mo, pom pom jacket, Gorman x Liz Payne
denim coat, liz payne dress, piñata bag
Charlotte Olympia, piñata bag, novelty bag
Schmiley Mo, pom pom hood, denim coat
Schmiley Mo, denim coat, rainbow look
Madame Flamingo, platform heels, rainbow shoes
quirky blogger, gorman x liz payne, platform shoes
komono, green sunglasses, style blogger
pom pom hood, piñata bag, Charlotte Olympia
pink hair, blogger, Swiss fashion blogger
fashion blogger, platform heels, colourful heels
denim jacket, summer look, blogger outfit
denim coat, fashion blogger, schmiley mo

You are the maker of your own happiness! For a long time, I thought this is a hollow sentence found on calendar sheets and not much more. But wait for a second!

A while ago I chose to focus more on what's good in my life instead of living for what I might achieve in the future. Surprisingly this new attitude has quite an effect on me.

I made a list of things that I am looking forward – from small events like a dinner with friends or having a day off to bigger steps like the next holidays or an important career step – and I was genuinely surprised by how long the list got. I got aware of all that I have, while very often was craving for what I miss in the past.

Therefore to focus must be a major key to happiness. This is the way I wanna go from now on!

Even if my life is not a fairytale, it is quite good: I can do a lot of what I love while I am surrounded by people I love, and there are constantly exciting things happening. Sure not things that will appear in history books, but very often you find happiness in the details if you just focus.

And by the way: I even found a wall to fit my outfit perfectly. Isn't that cool?

My Outfit:
Dress: Liz Payne x Gorman, Coat: Schmiley Mo, Shoes: Madame Flamingo,
Bag: Charlotte Olympia (get a similar one here), Necklace: Tatty Devine,
Sunglasses: Baloji x Komono

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Lovely Smell: Caudalie Eau Fraîche

Caudalie, Eau Fraîche, Review
Caudalie, Eau Fraiche, review
Caudalie, eau fraiche, review
caudalie, eau fraiche, review

Summer is approaching and with it the time where you don't feel like wearing heavy perfumes. Caudalie's Eau Fraîche Series might be the answer: It's fresh like a summer garden and just a subtle hint of scent that lingers on your skin. Store one of the beautiful bottles in your desk drawer and refresh yourself several times a day.

Since all Eau Fraîches are not photosensitive – unlike most perfumes – you can wear them during the whole summer without being afraid of the sun.

There are five Eau Fraîches available, I tested four of them for you, including the newest addition to the line launched this June.

Rose de Vigne
A floral fragrance with roses, berries, rhubarb, magnolia, and musk, launched in 2015.

I believe they are two sorts of people when it comes to rose fragrances: People who love them and people who hate them. If you belong to the first kind (like me), this might be for you, with its fruity and floral charm. The lovely pink bottle gets an extra point from me.

Fleur de Vigne
The Fleur de Vigne is a flower that only blooms a few days in June, heralding the grape harvest 110 days later. This lightweight green water combines white rose, pink pepper, and watermelon with grapefruit, mandarin, and cedar. It was the first Eau Fraîche from Caudalie, released 2002.

In my opinion, it is the freshest and most uplifting fragrance of all. It feels very energizing and like a little trip to a shady summer garden.

Figue de Vigne
As the name says, the star of this Eau Fraîche is the fig. It mingles with citrus fruit notes and white wood in the 2015 launched fragrance.

My least favourite Eau Fraîche from Caudalie, even if fruity fragrances are booming at the moment. I think it smells slightly like a sweet soap or a nice cleaning liquid. Maybe it's because I am not a big lover of the scent of figs anyway, but this is just not my Eau Fraîche.

Eau des Vignes
The newest addition to the Eau Fraîche Series is a composition of bergamot, iris and white musk. It was launched in June 2017.

It was love at first smell: It's sparkling, sensual and vitalising. I want to smell it again and again and think we will become close friends this summer. If I had to choose one favourite smell in the world, it would be the one of bergamot, just like a fresh cup of Earl Grey tea and this fragrance captures my beloved scent very well. Yes, yes, yes Eau des Vignes, I love you very much!