Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The New Sara (But Still the Same)

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Sad but true: Bodies don't come with a restart button. This is the reason why I decided it's finally time to take better care of mine.

Despite knowing better, I used to cheat myself with the sweet illusion that if I eat crisps in the dark and finish my bar of chocolate without leaving evidence, my body wouldn't betray myself. The fact that I have been a Vegetarian since my teenage years helped me to stay in shape and people were often surprised when I told them that I don't do any sports. But with the years I realized it would get harder to stay in shape and even more important: Healthy. So time for a rapid change!

A little bit more than a month ago, in a sudden rush of motivation, I picked a personal trainer. This was the trigger to more than I thought: I am doing sports twice a week with a discipline that astonishes myself, and for the first time in my life I miss something when I have to skip a lesson (which only happens if there is a very good excuse).

I exchanged cereals and marmalade bread with smoothies, stopped drinking almost entirely, and my diet turned (almost) Vegan. I find a lot of pleasure in discovering the new (and therefore exciting) world of sports clothing and healthy nutrition.

I am still struggling with certain exercises, but it fills me with pride when I master something I wouldn't have a few months ago. My boyfriend says he can already see a change – and I am very motivated to go on and feel good in the meanwhile. I'll tell you more about my training schedule soon, now I'm off for a run, of course, dressed in pink and purple ;-)

Go Sara go!

My Outfit:
Sports Bra and Trousers: Tchibo, Shoes and Socks: Nike, Bag: American Apparel (other colours here), Cap: Hutspot, Sunglasses: Craig & Karl x Le Specs

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  1. Cute post! Question...How do you sweat and not wash your hair too much? lol I have exercise struggles with pink hair and having to wash it a lot and then it fades.

    1. Oh that's a difficult thing I agree because there are not so much ways to avoid this. I try as far as possible to wash my hair every second day and have the training not on the day when I just washed it. As well I use the Overtone conditioner whenever I wash it, which helps very well to keep the pink a little bit longer. One last point: When I dye my hair I go for a brighter pink.

  2. Really cool outfits for workouts. I love glasses the most, I think I need to buy myself the same ones. I guess when you have the coolest outfit for workouts, you have more motivation to go to gym. Thanks for posting.