Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Lovely Giveaway: OMG It's So Kawaiiiiiiii

Kawaii Box, giveaway, Asian goodies
Kawaii box, review, giveaway
Kawaii box, review, giveaway
Kawaii Box, Asian subscription box, review
Kawaii Box, giveaway, review
Kawaii Box, review, giveaway
Kawaii Box, review, giveaway
Kawaii Box, review, giveaway

Yaaaaay another kawaii box arrived! This is my favourite subscription box and it never ceases to surprise me. No, no I'll never get too old for cute stuff and believe that a girl can never have enough.

I can't travel to Asia every time I feel the need for some cuteness in my life, therefore I am grateful Kawaii Box delivers their handpicked mix of Asian goodies right to my doorstep. There is no place to far away in the world to receive a box full of happiness.

This time I had 10 cute items in my box, my favourites are a Hello Kitty tin pencil case, a unicorn squishy charm and fruity washi masking tape. I also love the tiny stickers I discovered. I first thought they are nail stickers, but the card told me they are meant to decorate the diary. For only $ 19.90 I think I got a lot of cute things and feel like a little girl in a candy shop. Time to not spice up my life but cute up my life!

Now it's your turn: Win a KAWAII BOX

Just follow the instructions in the box below to participate and the winner will be chosen randomly. The giveaway is open worldwide. Smile when you receive your Kawaii Box :-)

Sara is in Love with Kawaii Box Giveaway

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

I Like Flamingos, Prints & Paper

I LIKE PAPER, flamingo pillow, print
I LIKE PAPER; hand print case, Pappwatch
I LIKE PAPER, Tyvek, printed case
flamingo pillow, I LIKE PAPER, illustration

Me and prints: A never-ending love story! As a trained graphic designer I can't get enough of them, love to mix prints and be surrounded by them all the time. Yes, I am a print hunter, always on the watch. And today I am very excited to show you my newest finds from I LIKE PAPER.

I LIKE PAPER is a young label from Berlin (Germany) that works with designers, artists, and illustrators from all over the world to create unique accessories made with love. Among other printable materials, they use Tyvek®, a tear proof water resistant paper made from plastic. Tyvek® can be recycled up to five times, and since all products come with a varnish, they are as long-lasting and flexible as similar products made from leather.

But be warned: Choosing designs on I LIKE PAPER is a difficult task because the vast selection will blow your mind. After a long time of browsing, I went for a pillow case with flamingos (what else) to sit on my baby blue Acapulco chair, a tiger watch to go with my Kenzo looks and a case with the cutest hand print ever. All three items are winners and help me on my mission to surround myself with as much quirkiness and colour as possible.

Yay! I want to order more cause I like paper, yes I do!

This post contains sponsored products.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Bringing Light into the Dark

wayuu bag, colourful look, yellow dress
Wayuu hat, CeliaB dress, colourful look
wayuu bag, colourful look, yellow dress
Moschino, rainbow bracelet, confetti nails
wayuu bag, mama tierra, craftmanship
wayuu hat, pink haired blogger, tropical look
tropical look, celiaB, wayuu bag
Lazy Oaf, rainbow cardigan, wayuu hat
tropical necklace, la vidriola, perspex necklace
wayuu bag, mama tierra, colourful bag
Mama Tierra, wayuu art, blogger
tropical look, colourful fashion, yellow dress
wayuu hat, colours, fashion blogger

Like every year, I refuse to let the cold of autumn in my heart and soul and linger as long as possible in my tropical summer mood. Let's pretend it's still warm, let's be fooled into thinking the sounds we hear is palm leaves rustling in the wind. I try to pose as effortless as I can, wearing things from warmer countries: My look is a very international mixture from Spain, Thailand, China, Columbia/Venezuela.

It's a matter of heart to point out my hat and bag: They are both from the Swiss non-profit organization Mama Tierra (read more about them in my post here). I truly adore the extraordinary craftsmanship of the Wayuu woman who made the pieces.

At the moment Mama Tierra is running a campaign to bring solar energy to their homes in South America. There are only a few days left, and I think it's a cause so worthy of support, especially since I know the amazing women behind the project. They work very hard and with a lot of passion and I wish that they can soon turn on the lights in over 100 Wayuu households to make the lives of those people easier and safer.

Support Mama Tierra and the Wayuu women here:

Bring Light into the Dark

My Outfit:
Dress: CeliaB, Bag & Hat: Mama Tierra, Sunglasses: Silhouette, Necklace: La Vidriola, Bangle: Moschino, Shoes: Madame Flamingo, Cardigan: Lazy Oaf

Monday, 4 September 2017

Lovely Label: Heidi Mortimer Hicks

Heidi Mortimer Hicks, UK designer, young designers
Heidi Mortimer Hicks, young fashion, sustainable fashionSlow Fashion, crochet, Heidi Mortimer Hicks
Heidi Mortimer Hicks, Manchester based designer, rainbow look

Sometimes you encounter the work of a young designer, and you are completely amazed by the fresh creativity. This is what I felt when I faced Heidi Mortimer Hicks' designs for the first time. Her rainbow coloured furry pieces, and fun crochet creations caused that love at first sight feeling. In a sea of seriousness, those pieces bring back a wave of playfulness. 

Heidi Mortimer Hicks is a Manchester (UK) based fashion brand. Their designs are colourful, playful and have a hand craft element at its core. They are very proud to produce everything in the UK since the label aims to create sustainable and local slow fashion. They believe in a particular bond that forms between them and the people who wear their clothes, especially since the hand crafted items have a very distinct human touch.

Just like Isabella Blow bought all pieces of the first collection of Alexander McQueen, I immediately craved to do the same with Heidi's designs. I'd pair the clothes with all my other rainbow stuff for a bright head to toe statement look, but bet they work very well with something less dramatic.

Heidi Mortimer Hicks is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help launch the brand. You can take part here, support them and get deals on their cute products: