Monday, 4 September 2017

Lovely Label: Heidi Mortimer Hicks

Heidi Mortimer Hicks, UK designer, young designers
Heidi Mortimer Hicks, young fashion, sustainable fashionSlow Fashion, crochet, Heidi Mortimer Hicks
Heidi Mortimer Hicks, Manchester based designer, rainbow look

Sometimes you encounter the work of a young designer, and you are completely amazed by the fresh creativity. This is what I felt when I faced Heidi Mortimer Hicks' designs for the first time. Her rainbow coloured furry pieces, and fun crochet creations caused that love at first sight feeling. In a sea of seriousness, those pieces bring back a wave of playfulness. 

Heidi Mortimer Hicks is a Manchester (UK) based fashion brand. Their designs are colourful, playful and have a hand craft element at its core. They are very proud to produce everything in the UK since the label aims to create sustainable and local slow fashion. They believe in a particular bond that forms between them and the people who wear their clothes, especially since the hand crafted items have a very distinct human touch.

Just like Isabella Blow bought all pieces of the first collection of Alexander McQueen, I immediately craved to do the same with Heidi's designs. I'd pair the clothes with all my other rainbow stuff for a bright head to toe statement look, but bet they work very well with something less dramatic.

Heidi Mortimer Hicks is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help launch the brand. You can take part here, support them and get deals on their cute products:

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  1. Your outfits are so bright! Cold winter won't be sad with such colorful cloths. I like the fur coat on the first photo. I think will buy similar one for this winter.