Tuesday, 31 October 2017

It’s All Going Down

Leah Williams, layering dresses, pink hair
Leah Williams, fashion blogger, layering dresses
Leah Williams, Gucci, blogger look
pink haired blogger, Gucci glitter sunglasses, unionjack gloves
Kat Maconie, rainbow sandals, gina
Unionjack gloves, Furla inflatable bag, blogger
blogger look, Leah Williams, Australian designer
Leah Williams, dress, origami knot
pink hair, Gucci, glitter sunglasses
Kat Maconie, sandals, rainbow
origami knot dress, Leah Williams, origami knot dress
Leah Williams, Australian fashion designer, blogger look
fashion blogger, shoes, Kat Maconie

Don’t worry: Ok maybe not all but just the temperature is going down. It’s that time again where girls are tempted to let their beautiful dresses in the wardrobe. It’s getting chilly, and your arms and legs start to feel like frozen icicles, brrrrrrrr!

I say it’s a shame for the dresses to sleep like Cinderella and wait for Prince Summer. I have a better idea: Ignore the weather as long as possible. And if nothing else helps let’s layer, let’s combine and create hot looks no matter the weather!

Today's outfit is a dress and sheer top combo. I own the top at least for ten years, it's not spectacular on its own but offers nearly endless options to combine it. And this is why it’s a real survivor of all wardrobe clear-outs.  Ok I admit, it's not a very warm outfit, but this is how I dress for events, of course with a long coat to keep me warm on my way there.

The actual star of this look is, of course, the Origami Knot Dress by Australian designer Leah Williams. Gosh, how I love this dress! How the bands move when I walk and how you can tie them in different ways… A dream! You might see me teaming it up with a turtleneck and thick tights for a more winterproof combo.

What is your strategy to survive colder days without looking boring?

My Outfit:
Dress: Leah Williams, Top: Not recent, Shoes & Tote: Kat Maconie, Handbag: Furla, Sunglasses: Gucci, Gloves & Beret: Vintage