Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Knitted with Love by Yaya

Yaya, knit wear, handmade
Yaya, Beatriz Wuersch, knitting
Yaya, knit wear, hood
Yaya, Beatriz Wuersch, knit wear
Yaya, Beatriz Wuersch, knit wear
Beatriz Wuersch, knit wear, Yaya
Yaya, knit wear, winter fashion
Yaya, Beatriz Wuersch, knit wear
Yaya, Beatriz Wuersch, knit wear
Yaya, Beatriz Wuersch, knit wear

Do you remember the knitting work of your grandmother made with all her love and attention to every stitch? Swiss Designer Beatriz Würsch brings that feeling back with her label Yaya.

Beatriz loves to knit and uses her needles wherever she is – only in restaurants and bars they rest(although she thinks that's odd). Very often she encounters people who ask her about knitting, and it's the start of conversations and them telling her stories of their lives. I imagine Beatriz weaving parts of those stories into her beautiful handmade fabrics made of alpaca, cashmere, merino or silk yarn.

The pieces made by Beatriz and her team of local craftswomen are using old sewing patterns with a contemporary twist. In a world of global mishmash, Yaya is a piece of local identity to be worn by forward-thinking people who care about design and sustainability.

I am honoured to be one of the faces of this new collection because I instantly felt the love this woman puts in her work. I loved how the oversized jumpers changed my silhouette and of course how fluffy they are. Thank you, Beatriz, for making me part of your world of knitted joie de vivre!

Visit Yaya online: gestricktes.ch, Buy the products here: schaufensterklub.ch

Photography: Nora dal Cero, Make-up and Hair: Sandra Gimmel, Styling: Beatriz Würsch, Models: Silvia Ammann/Sara Streule

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