Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Sara in Pattern Land

pattern look, blogger outfit, pink hair
House of Holland, pink hair, swissfashionblogger
ego shoes, purple boots, zigzagzurich
blogger style, sun jellies, seventies dress
Swarovski, Charriol, zigzagzurich
sunglassspot, blogger, sunglasses
sunglasses, yellow lenses, pink hair
ego official,, purple boots, shoe style
Clover Canyon, seventies dress, pink haired blogger
blogger style, swissfashionblogger, sun jellies
sun jellies, plastic bag, zigzagzurich
swissfashionblogger, style blogger, clover canyon
Sun Jellies, swissfashionblogger, beach bag

Patterns, patterns, patterns! It might be simpler to wear plain fabrics solely, but incredibly sad to miss the beauty of geometry, the diversity, creativity, and playfulness brought into your life by patterns.

Let's be bold, let's mix and match, let's bring together what might not seem to fit at first sight. And last but not least: Let's never be satisfied with the easy choice if there lies a pattern challenge ahead! Go pattern crazy!

In August, I and my darling visited Lisbon. This journey gave me an extra boost of strong pattern love. It's amazing how pretty the city is with all its cute, colourful houses and painted tiles. I believe living in a town like this must influence the mind in a very positive way and is indeed a different inspiration than being surrounded by a grey environment.

These pictures could have been taken in Lisbon, and you might be surprised when I tell you we took them in Zurich. My friends from ZigZagZurich created this wall at their new headquarter and turned an ordinary building into a very instagrammable place. I'll certainly be back for more pictures, and maybe I'm inspiring you too.

Would you like to hear about my adventures and favourite spots in Lisbon in a post?

My Outfit:
Dress: Clover Canyon, Bag: Sun Jellies, Sunglasses: Sunglass Spot, Shoes: Ego, Bangle: Charriol, Earrings: House of Holland, Eye Ring: Swarovski, Heart Ring: Nina Bee, Green Ring: Miaki, Wall Patterns: ZigZagZurich

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