Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Lovely Wishlist: The Comic Girl

Zalando, autumn dresses, blogger look
Dress  –  Hat  –  Earrings 
Scarf  –  Knee Socks  –  Handbag  –  Shoes

Rain, rain, rain, there is nothing we have more at the moment! The sky looks as grey as the concrete streets and brutalist buildings, and it takes a little bit more effort to stay in a the mood for quirkiness and colour.

My last outfit shoot had to be postponed because of the lousy autumn weather as well, and instead of posing I am writing this wishlist post snuggled into my blanket. An adorable way to work I must say! As you see, I insist again that looks for colder days are best with a stunning dress.

The core of this outfit is the coolest comic dress from my fav label Moschino. I found it in this inspiring dress guide from Zalando. The dress would go very well with the pink Gucci knee socks and the retro scarf with jukeboxes and diner signs. Pop Art and Comics have always been one of my major style inspirations, just like here often paired with 50s elements.

I couldn‘t resist smuggling in the Eggo earrings: Eleven loves them, I love them too. Gosh, how can it be Stranger Things is already over, and we all have to wait for so so long? Well, even the more reason to get the earrings and this dress and practice to be just as badass as El till our fav girl returns!

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