Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Run Girl Run

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swissfashionblogger, sports, healthy lifestyle
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Two months since my revelation about starting sports. You might still be surprised by my change, and if not I am for sure.

But hey: I discovered an unknown discipline and rarely miss to go to my training twice a week. When I can't go for a really good reason (bad weather, telly shows, and my cat must have stolen my gym shoes doesn't count), I try to go running instead. Running is something you can do all the time, no matter where you are, even when you travel.

To be honest, I think it's an entirely dull activity, so I have to trick myself into liking it better with wearing a lot of pink and listening to a cool soundtrack. When I run, I always have to think of Simon Pegg in Run Fatboy Run. The British actor plays a guy who left his bride at the altar only to realize – when she has another boyfriend – that he wants her back. He tries to prove that with running a marathon even if he is not sporty at all. Just like me, but I'll not give up, fight my lazy nature and run away from my weaker self.

This movie character encourages me not to give up, to just place one foot in front of the other and go on, even if it's just a few steps further than last time.

Future me must be very proud of me.

My Outfit:
Jumpsuit & Jacket: Craft, Shoes: Skechers, Sunglasses: Winkwood, Headphones: Urbanista

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