Sunday, 3 December 2017

Lovely Gift Ideas: Home

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Do you get nervous if you look at the calendar because with every minute Christmas is coming closer and you still have no idea for the perfect gifts? Don't despair, breath and maybe this guide will help (at least if you are looking for gifts for colourful people just like us). 

Since winter is the time to stay home and make yourself cosy, gifts for the home are my favourite choice. As well I believe it's time for antidotes against grey days and believe me: Nothing helps more than retiring to a cheerful flat or house!

Here are my gift ideas for a happy home:

1  Pink Throw & Shawl: This luxury baby alpaca throw keeps you warmer than normal wool.
2  Bowie Doll: In Japan Kokeshi dolls are a symbol of friendship. And this one is Ziggy.
3  Circus Vase: A stunning ceramic piece from Portugal in bold colours and with a fun look.
4  Bump Jug: A sleek and stylish mouthblown piece, designed by Tom Dixon.
5  Parrot Pillow: The most beautiful way to show your love is with those tropical birds.

1  Clarins Candle: What we need for the home spa is a candle that smells like tonic!
2  Gradient Candle Holder: It's quirky, it's kitschy, it's a must for the Christmas dinner!
3  Ceramic Pineapple: This eccentric jar is the perfect place to store cookies or treasures.
4  Pink Sheepskin Rug: This piece creates instantly a cosy atmosphere and helps to relax.
5  Arm Chair: A 30s design classic updated with a supercool geometric pattern. My fav!

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