Wednesday, 31 January 2018

In the Mood for Change

Mood ring, interchangeable ring, jewellery
mood ring, gift idea, reversible ring
mood ring, gift idea, reversible ring
mood ring, gift idea, reversible ring
mood ring, design, jewellery
Mood ring, jewellery, accessories, interchangeable ring, swiss fashion blogger

Be prepared: Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Time to get in a romantic mood, write love letters and spread flower petals! Maybe you even hope to get a shining ring as a gift because diamonds are a girl's best friend? I don't because I just got one and it's not any ring, but the ring of rings: An infinitely changeable jewel.

mood is an innovative, customizable unisex ring designed and made in Switzerland. It brings you endless possibilities of combination and allows you to express yourself playfully. Every ring consists of a two-part steel base and a central ring called addon that can be exchanged. Just as your look and mood changes, your ring will change with you and be perfect for every occasion. And the best: You can add pieces over the time.

Since pink is my black, my first addon had to be pink of course! I went for a pretty aluminum addon. But you know what a rainbow I am: I plan to have a whole box full of addons to have the right one for every look and outfit. Dear Valentine, why don't you bring me the next addon instead of another ring?

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