Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Two or Three Lolitas

M.Luna, red coat, heart shaped glasses
M.Luna, red coat, heart shaped glasses
Asos, Hello Kitty, shoes
M.Luna, red coat, blogger
Saint Laurent, heart shaped glasses, pink hair
m.luna, pink coat, winter look
M.Luna, red coat, fashion
M.Luna, red coat, winter outfit
M.Luna, Hello Kitty, blogger
M.Luna, red coat, winter outfit
M.Luna, red coat, blogger look
M.Luna, red coat, Swiss fashion
M.Luna, red coat, Saint Laurent

You do not see double: I am two Lolita (or almost three)! No, they are not standing next to each other holding hands and wearing both the same like the twins in Shining. Both are one: I am twice (or even close to three times) the age of sweet teenage Lolita from Vladimir Nabokov's book, but still, in love with heart-shaped glasses!

Just like the novel about the middle-aged professor and his obsession with a young girl is a classic, me wearing heart-shaped glasses is. I had my first pair when I was probably four or five. My mother might have bought them in a souvenir shop during our family holidays, I can't remember for sure. What I do remember is how proud I was and how I liked to wear them. 

Nowadays my latest pair has a Saint Laurent tag on them, and I couldn't but fall for their retro-cat-eye-chic. I was on the hunt for them for a long while and so lucky when they were finally mine. There are so many fakes popping up everywhere, but I wanted the Saint Laurents, the real thing. I think they are a wonderful pair with this luxurious red cashmere coat from Swiss label M.Luna and the cute Hello Kitty shoes. A playful cute look, but as well with a grown-up air of luxury and good craftsmanship.

Next season, heart-shaped glasses might be so out of fashion, but I'll stick to them. They are an essential part of my style and I'll never grow too old to wear them. 

The number of Lolitas inside of me might keep growing, but that's ok!

My Outfit:
Coat, Blouse & Skirt: M.Luna, Shoes: Hello Kitty x Asos, Sunglasses: Saint Laurent,
Ring: Mood, Bow: Topshop, Tights: Fogal, Socks: Topshop

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  1. What a stunning coat!! Love the red with your pink hair, one of my favourite colour combinations :) x