Sunday, 18 February 2018

Boxmopolitan Edition 24 Gold Rush

Boxmopolitan, subscription box, discover new products
Boxmopolitan, subscription box, discover new products
Boxmopolitan, subscription box, discover new products
Boxmopolitan, subscription box, discover new products
Boxmopolitan, subscription box, discover new products
Boxmopolitan, subscription box, discover new products
Boxmopolitan, subscription box, discover new products

I have a gold rush, and it got delivered right to my doorstep yay! Since you all know how much I do love subscription boxes, you can imagine how much I liked to open the parcel with the Boxmopolitan logo.

Boxmopolitan is a Swiss discovery box that brings you every month five to seven surprise products. It's like having a personal shopping coach that goes trend hunting for you and finds the most unique cool products. Unlike many other subscription boxes, Boxmopolitan doesn't feed you with boring mainstream products.

It's their mission as curators to introduce you to new items and they pay particular attention to organic ingredients, fair trade, local manufacturing and design quality. Gourmet is always an essential part of the surprises. One box costs 69.90 CHF, if you place a subscription for a few months, the price for the single boxes starts at 49.90 CHF.

What I found in my box

Sparkling wine by Elfenhof
Packed in a golden bar box, this dry sparkling wine has a fruity bouquet from the most excellent grapes of the Neusiedler Lake region in Austria and is enriched with real gold. Quite an eyecatcher on the table and the perfect drinks for lovers of prosecco and champagne like myself.

Golden Light candle by Yankee Candle
I believe home is not home without a vanilla candle and this one smells just good enough to eat with its chocolate-vanilla fragrance. It burns for 30 beautiful hours and makes my flat instantly cozier.

Gottlieber Wafers Special Edition Gianduja Orange
Swiss wafers with a filling of roasted hazelnuts and chocolate, enriched with fruity oranges. Since I am plant-based, they are not for me, but I bet my boyfriend will make them disappear entirely fast.

Woman in Gold and Gold Knight by Kilian
The only samples in the box are those two perfumes. Wish they were bigger because I love them very much. Woman in Gold is a fragrance with rose petals, vanilla, akigala wood and patchouli. Gold knight bedazzles the senses with patchouli, bergamot, vanilla, and anise. Both smell of luxury and I dream of a big bottle of Woman in Gold.

Lux Hair Oil by System Professional
A luxury hair oil with argan, jojoba and almond oil. My stressed hair loves this treat and sends it thanks. Since argan oil is known as liquid gold in Marocco, a perfect addition to the Gold Rush box.

Gold Glitter Gel by Ucanbe
A glitter makeup for face and body in dazzling gold. I used it as an eyeliner several times already and love it, it dries fast, stays where it should and is easy to remove.

A 10 CHF Voucher from Perfect Hair
I buy my shampoo and hairspray from since I remember. Therefore this voucher is something I can use very well. They have (almost) everything I am looking for, fast delivery and reasonable prices.

What I think about the Gold Rush box

I love the Gold Rush box and think what you get for the price is a very fair deal for getting so much inspiration. I discovered exciting products I didn't know before, my favourites are the sparkling wine, the Kilian perfumes, and the makeup glitter. Thank you so much Boxmopolitan!

I am curious to see what's in the next Boxmotolitain boxes, and if you love surprises, you should join the gang.


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