Monday, 12 February 2018

Fashion No-Man's-Land

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Bloggers from Paris, London and New York have one significant undeniable advantage: They live in cities with a fashion week and therefore are at the pulse of our most beloved industry. Fashion week, the time of the year when all eyes turn the same way and whoever has a say in fashion has its picture taken walking in extravagant looks through puddles showing an "I don't care" attitude. This fashion week it's Alexander Wang's last show in New York, Bottega Veneta leaves Milan and goes big apple, JW Anderson goes co-ed, and I am sure we will all be talking about Balenciaga. So much buzz!

It seems like everybody is excited, on their feet and having their heart beating with the pumping sounds of the shows. Everybody? No, almost everybody but one: Sara is at home in good old Zurich, watching shows with untidy hair in bed on her computer and doing some compensation shopping on Farfetch. Great! Just like every year I get invitations to shows in Berlin, London and New York (ok never the big ones, but rather the quirky ones that I love most anyway) but let's face it: I can't just take off from my busy work life as a design director and spend a fortune on flights to get from a 20 minute show to NY to the next 20 minute show in London. After all, Sara is a reasonable girl, and I admit: Taking the liberty not to brush the hair on a Sunday is priceless too.

Supermarket and local Lebanese you can be happy: Otherwise you would never see me wearing my crazy stuff visiting you. I didn't make it to New York, but hey:
I can make it everywhere ;-)

My Outfit:
Coat: Lazy Oaf, Dress: Cookie by Minueto, Bag: Maude Studio, Sunnies: Komono,
Scarf: Yaya, Necklace & Earrings: Misfit Makes, Ring: Mood, Shoes: YRU, Belt: Vintage

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  1. The fur coat is adorable! And those shoes omg I want. Love your style <3

    Ami Amour

  2. You have such an amazing wardrobe! Love this whole outfit :)