Thursday, 22 February 2018

Lovely Perfume Review: Mademoiselle by Azzaro

Before the first flowers sprout in the gardens, Mademoiselle by Azzaro brings the smell of spring onto your skin. This perfume is a light, fruity-floral Eau de Toilette. It greets you with sweet peach and fresh mandarin blossom, followed by jasmine, peony and orange blossom. Then it finally caresses you with a blend of orris and precious wood notes.

The woman I see wearing Mademoiselle is a young chic Parisian beauty with a gentle heart. Her head is full of dreams of romance, and she has a playful soul. Her smile is bedazzling, and the wind plays with her long hair while she spends mild spring eves in the parks of her beloved Paris enjoying the sun.

Maybe she wears a pretty bow in her hair, just like the silver satin ribbon on the bottle. Did I mention how stunning the jewel-like bottle with the powdery pink liquid is?

It's an eye-catcher in every boudoir, and if you are looking for a spring fragrance, I think you should give Mademoiselle a try and travel to Paris with a spritz.

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