Monday, 5 February 2018

Lovely Shopping: A New Love

spring look, pink and yellow, spring outfit
Cardigan  –  Skirt  –  Shoes
Handbag  –  Necklace   –  Hat  –  Sunglasses

Dear Winter, I am very sorry but I think we just don't fit together and therefore I have to end our relationship. I tried to work on it very hard, but I just can't forget to think about spring. It feels like cheating on you, and you don't deserve that. I hope you will understand what I try to explain. My feelings for spring are just too strong.

When I think about springs tender blossoms, the beautiful pastel colours, and the smooth, warm daylight… Oh, I am sorry, I don't want to rub salt into your wounds (it might only melt your snow), my mind was wandering. I saw myself going for a stroll wearing this pink and yellow look. Have you seen the shoes with the cute birds and the necklace with the cute golden bees? Maybe it's better you don't, but start to look somewhere else and find somebody who loves you from the bottom of the heart.

I hope we can still be friends and say hello to each other when we meet again. You are terrific, but just not meant for me. I fear this is life. Thank you very much and goodbye.

This post contains sponsored content. Flower Illustration from Vecteezy.

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  1. So cute!! And yes, I am ready for my Spring time now, Winter and I are very much over :) x