Monday, 26 March 2018

The Only Consistency is Change

Les Georgettes,interchangeable bangle, innovation
Les Georgettes,interchangeable bangle, innovation
Les Georgettes,interchangeable bangle, innovation
Les Georgettes,interchangeable bangle, innovation

If you watch my Instagram attentively, you might have noticed one thing: I get bored of things quite easily, don't stick to habits, and my looks change from pink to yellow to blue and all the way back. Basic is a synonym for "don't buy" in my ears and if a shopping assistant tells me I could also combine a piece with a simple denim trouser I smile politely but roll my inner eyes. I love stability and consistency when it comes to friendships and relationships, but never when it comes to fashion. I don't want to stay the same but evolve and reinvent myself.

But there is one consistency as an exception: Even I stick to a few beloved pieces of jewellery, like the rings I got from my man and my two Les Georgettes bangles. I rarely leave the house without those bangles with their fine metalwork I must say. On the opposite: I feel naked when I am not wearing one of them at least.

Why? Because I love the bangles of the innovative French label and their ability to change with me. They all come with reversible coloured bands and the options are nearly endless. So no matter if I want them to match my outfit or be an eye catcher in a different colour, I have the ability to do so. Yay, this is jewellery that matches my spirit.

I just need more bands (and maybe one or two of their rings as well)…

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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Get Energized with La Petite Box

La Petite Box, review, swiss subscription box
La Petite Box, review, Teatox
La Petit Box, Review, Vitamin Well
La Petit Box, Review, Ahava
La Petit Box, Bodhi, Step Tracker

In January I was soooo determined to turn myself into a better version of myself, take the best care of myself, eat healthily, do sports and relax as often as possible. I already saw this healthy future Super Sara in front of me when I closed my eyes. But then came February and March, both months proved to be quite stressful, and I lost a part of my energy and determination. When this La Petite Box arrived, it was just the right thing to remind me of my goals.

This edition of the Swiss monthly subscription box has the theme "Energy" and is curated by Lara Schurter, founder of greenlane. If you are looking for premium natural cosmetics, you should visit this shop in Zurich or their online shop. I am among their regular customers and love to discover exciting natural products there. Lara's determination to find the best quality products for her customers with a strong focus on sustainability and ethics is genuinely inspiring. But let's have a look at the box:

What I found in my box

Ahava Dead Sea Water Mineral Hand Cream
A light and hydrating hand cream enriched with the power of the Dead Sea water. Hand creams are something you find in almost every goodie bag and therefore I have a whole box, but Ahava's bestseller is the best I tried in a long while and went straight into my handbag..

Teatox Skinny Morning
A blend of organic green tea and mate to start the day. Teatox says that beauty begins from within and provides a kick-start into the day with this tea. As a tea lover, I am all in! Mate is just the best replacement for caffeine available.

Bodhi Coconut Soap
Deliciously smelling soap, handmade using traditional methods of soapmaking. I use this one as a wardrobe refresher; now my clothes smell like they come from a tropical island :-D

Yoho Fitness Tracker
This waterproof tracker measures your steps and blood pressure, counts calories and watches over your sleep. Unfortunately, I found the instruction manual not that helpful and couldn't use any other functions but the step counter. But at least I do finally know that my need for a wearable is not as big as I thought and choose to trust my guts instead of an app.

Seagret Pomegranate Body Lotion
Only the best ingredients are used to create this beautiful body cream. It's a restorative blend of Dead Sea minerals and perfect for all skin types.

Vitamin Well Awake
A new beverage from Vitmanin Well and yaaaay: It's the nicest shade of pink. Unlike other drinks, Vitamin Well is not full of sugar but quenches your thirst with raspberry flavour, vitamins, and caffeine. I looooove it and need more!

RooBar Mango Magic
An energy bar with a fruity mix of mango, banana, and cashew. It's vegan, glutenfree and light, so just the kind of snack I like.

What I think about the Energy box

Yesyesyes, a winner! I prefer natural products whenever I can, so this box is a winner.  As a little extra there was even a 20% voucher for greenlane in the box which I already used to get eye and sun cream. Thank you very much, La Petite Box!

If you want to order the next La Petite Box just click here.

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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Let's Show Them How Bathleisure Works!

bath leisure, ZigZagZurich, turkish pompom towel
t by tetesept, heirloom towel, homespa
t by tetesept, heirloom towel, homespa

I read in a fashion magazine that "Bathleisure" is the Instagram trend right now and that Rita Ora invented it last November. when she appeared on the red carpet dressed like she came right from the shower. I laughed out loud because I had some pictures planed and taken before that featuring just everything this "trend" needs. But since I am the slowest blogger on earth I didn't manage to finish my article before.

For those who don't know yet, let me explain what Bathleisure is: The word itself is a combination of "bath" and "athleisure". Athleisure describes workout clothes that are worn lounging around. Bathleisure is a very similar thing, a towel on your head is the star. To style the perfect Bathleisure look you combine your towel with a bikini top, heavy makeup and huge statement sunglasses (or accessories). It instantly makes you look like a true leisure girl and like you are constantly on holidays.

I love it since this is basically what I wear every day before I dry my hair and wearing a towel in my hair makes me always feel like the crowned queen of casual. Stars like Rita Ora, Leandra Medine, Rihanna or Emily Ratajkowski must agree because they are all on the Bathleisure bandwagon. What caught my eyes in their pictures: All of them wear white or rather plain towels and I think my gorgeous pompom towel tops it all. It's from ZigZagZurich and woven on old looms in Turkey, only in small quantities.

Even if I am more a working girl than a leisure girl, I agree there is nothing more relaxing than a hot bath. It's my treat after workouts and one of my favourite moments of the week. Recently I discovered the products from t by tetesept and they are my bath buddies since then. No wonder since they smell deliciously of pink orchid and ylang-ylang or (now you have to listen) CHAMPAGNE and PEARLS, I feel like a rainbow version of Dita Teese in a huge cocktail glass taking a bath and finally, it seems pretty comfy to do absolutely nothing for a while.

My Outfit and products:
Bikini: Red Dolly. Pink Skirt: Topshop, Pompom Towel: ZigZagZurich,
Sunglasses: Maude Studio, Bangles: Les Georgettes, Bath Products: t by tetesept

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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Embrace Me With All Eight Arms

pleated skirt, street style, swiss fashion blogger
pleated skirt, street style, swiss fashion blogger
pleated skirt, street style, swiss fashion blogger
pleated skirt, street style, swiss fashion blogger
pleated skirt, street style, swiss fashion blogger
pleated skirt, street style, swiss fashion blogger
pleated skirt, street style, swiss fashion blogger
pleated skirt, street style, swiss fashion blogger
pleated skirt, street style, swiss fashion blogger
pleated skirt, street style, swiss fashion blogger
pleated skirt, street style, swiss fashion blogger

Let's talk about something I never did so far: The difficulties of meeting other bloggers. As an introvert person (some people might be surprised to hear, but that's just because I work very hard on being outgoing) meeting new people is a little challenge for me every time. It's not that I don't enjoy company or don't like people. But as an ex-mobbing victim, I never entirely lost the fear of people disliking me and maybe even reacting nastily. It's nowhere as bad as it used to be, thanks to many positive encounters.

Here comes the but: Meeting other bloggers is sometimes a tough test for my confidence. While there are a lot of lovely, friendly blogger girls with hearts full of girl power, I also experienced discouraging reactions.

I met bloggers who immediately checked out my Instagram account after saying hello and lost interest in any conversation when their number of followers was higher than mine. There are some bloggers I regularly see who don't ever greet, not even if I take the first step. Blogging seems not just a world of pretty pictures, but as well a world of competition. Isn't it sad? Isn't there space for more than one blogger and wouldn't we all benefit from being supportive and kind?

I refuse to join the ranks of competition, and I work hard on not losing faith in myself after every negative encounter. If we meet at an event in the future, please say hello and let's have a good time together! I don't care how much followers you have, but I am interested what kind of a person you are and would like to know where your creativity lies and what drives you. Let's have a glass of sparkling wine together and turn a blogger business event into an evening with friends. After all, we share a big, big passion and I think there must be a lot we could talk about. Thank you and cheers.

My Outfit:
Jumper: Essential Antwerp, Skirt: Ana Ljubinkovic, Bag: Maison Martin Margiela x H&M,
Shoes: Ego, Turban: Jazzafine, Bangle: Bought in Amsterdam, Sunglasses: Maude Studio, Earrings: Capn Mueller, Eye Ring: Swarovski, Green Ring: Miaki

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