Friday, 20 April 2018

Let's Join a Revolution, the Fashion Revolution!

Fashion Revolution, Sustainable fashion, who made my clothes
Fashion Revolution, Sustainable fashion, who made my clothes
Fashion Revolution, Sustainable fashion, who made my clothes
Fashion Revolution, Sustainable fashion, who made my clothes
Fashion Revolution, Sustainable fashion, who made my clothes
Fashion Revolution, Sustainable fashion, who made my clothes

Do you know who and under what conditions the things you wear are made? This is exactly the question the Fashion Revolution asks with the hashtag #WhoMadeMyClothes. The global movement Fashion Revolution believes in a fashion industry that respects the environment and the people working in the industry just as much as creativity and asks for more transparency about production.

As a fashion blogger, there is nothing that I love more than fashion, but I wish to live in a world where people or our planet don't have to suffer for this pleasure. I suspected a long time ago that fast fashion must come with a higher price than written on the tag and watching movies such as "The True Cost" completely opened my eyes.

I can't get pictures such as the horrible scene of how in 2013 the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed out of my head. Nearly 1200 people died and 2500 got injured when this manufacturing building for clothing for big global brands crashed down like a house of cards. Workers reported cracking plaster days before the incident but they were sent back to their posts and the fact that the building was unsafe was ignored due to cost pressure. It's five years since this happened and clearer than ever that there is an extreme need for change in the industry! A disaster like Rana Plaza should never ever happen again!

How can I keep going and loving what I wear knowing it might be made under very unsafe conditions, physical and verbal abuse and with far too less pay? This made me see fast fashion as what it was: Something that makes us all poor. I don't promise I will never wear a fast fashion brand again, but I plead for all of us paying more attention, trying to buy less but better and make a choice for fair brands with our buys more often. Let's make a statement and tell labels that we are not fine with paying any price for our clothes – and I don't mean the price written on the tag but what lies behind production!

Now you might say that this is all true and like you feel too but that we can't do something anyway. Yes, I agree it's impossible for us to visit every factory and see with our own eyes if human rights are respected, but we can demand more transparency from the brands and shops where we leave our money. We can all ask them #WhoMadeMyClothes and keep asking with persistence till the brands listen to us. Because the Fashion Revolution is millions of people all over the world, in Switzerland, it's me and hopefully you soon too!

On the 28th of April, there is a Fashion Revolution Day happening in Switzerland for everybody who wants to join. There will be a market for 30 sustainable brands, workshops, movie screenings of "The True Cost" and "Blue River", performances, a fashion show and even a party. Entrance is free.

Find out more here and let's meet there!

The blue-haired model is my gorgeous friend, seamstress, zero waste warrior and queen of braids Bonnie Lassie. Pictures by RnD Photography. Event organized by the lovely Anina Muttter with yummy catering from Farmy.

What I wear: Blue top and multicoloured maxi skirt: Sanikai, Red skirt: Armedangels,
Red Top: Jungle Folk, Hat: Mama Tierra, Earrings: L.O.M.


  1. Definitely a great cause and it's important to know where one's clothes were made and under what conditions and whether the people got paid fairly too. We need more of this!! x

  2. Hey thank you Sara for you great post! We love to have you on the boat! By the way, "I made the red silk top" (and it's by Romy Hood and I am in love with the creative way you are wearing it!)

  3. That is so good to have the person that make your clothers. i guess you are cool to have someone.

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