Monday, 2 April 2018

Say Hello to Kitty and a Girl With Trousers

Hello Kitty, GCDS. pink hair
Saint Laurent, heartshaped glasses, Hello Kitty
swissfashionblogger, hello kitty, gcds streetwear
Saint Laurent, heartshaped glasses, Hello Kitty
La Petite Box, round bag, Swissfashionblogger
Damur, fashionblogger, denim trousers
Damur, GCDS streetwear, Zurich fashion blogger
heartshaped glasses, Damur, GCDS
Damur, fashionblogger, streetstyle
fashionblogger, streetstyle, Zurich
ootd, Hello Kitty, pink hair
Damur, widelegged trousers, Hello Kitty

It's kind of funny: Most girls I know wear trousers all the time and rarely go for a skirt or dress while I am the complete opposite. Last year we did a group picture with about 150 people and while looking at it I realized I was the only one wearing a skirt. Me and the trousers, it's a very short story with only small numbers: In six years of blogging I only shot four looks with trousers, two of them sports outfits with leggings (no chance to wear skirts), one of them a hotpants look (which technically doesn't really count as a trouser), one with palazzo pants most people mistook for a maxi skirt and the last one was a look with a jeans hiding under a kimono.

So let's be honest and face it: I never did a genuine trousers look before and even if my wardrobe is massive I only got two or three pairs of trousers (besides my gym leggings) which are all stored on the bottom and get rarely touched. This makes today's look quite a premiere, doesn't it?

Finally, I found a pair of trousers I like and it hit me completely by surprise at nearly eleven o'clock in the night at the Fashionhotel shortly before the shops were about to close. I tried them on and was absolutely happy, felt pretty and my rather short legs looked twice as long wearing them.

Probably it has to do with my better body shape thanks to the sports program I started last year as well, that I finally feel well and confident enough to wear trousers. I'll stick to loving skirts, but it's great if you find out you can wear more things than you thought and your body is probably better than you actually thought. Dear gym, I'll continue to visit you!

As my trousers would say:
Look pretty, play dirty! (Ok maybe I will not play dirty, but whatever ;-))

My Outfit:
Jumper: GCDS, Trousers: Damur, Sunnies: Saint Laurent, Beret: Vintage,
Earrrings: Asos, Bag: La Petite Box, Bangles: Les Georgettes, Ring: Mood, Belt: Vintage

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  1. Such a fun jumper! I love Hello Kitty!

    Emma xxx

  2. I love it all, you look fantastic x

  3. I am completely in love with your style :)


  4. To tell the truth I don't understand your style. That is not a casual style for women. But if you like it you can do it.