Sunday, 29 April 2018

The Pink-Haired Diva

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"What would you do if you ever get bored of colours?" somebody asked me recently. "How could I?" was my urge to say, because for me, to live and wear colours is the most natural thing in the world. As essential as breathing, eating and laughing. There is no why, only a lot of why not's.

But since I wanted to confuse that person a little bit, I started a wild story about a rainbow living in my wardrobe and whenever I open my closet I come out all colourful day after day. Like Narnia, but in rainbow colours. And who would ever get bored of going to Narnia?

Maybe that person thought I am either crazy or on drugs, but hey: If wearing colours is so much out of somebody's comfort zone, then it's certainly a sign that this zone needs enlargement! Yes, I agree, dressing in colours needs a bit of courage (but only a tiny little bit). You might provide somebody with a target, but you have fun and eventually might discover that it makes you feel good. I am absolutely sure that person mastered challenges a million times more difficult in his life, so no need to be afraid of colours at all! After all, they neither bite or hurt.

When I styled this look, I thought about classical divas and wanted to create a modern easy diva version, that fits my quirky nature. I went for rather classical cuts, but an unusual and flashy colour combination. How could I not discover before how well orange actually goes with pink? Of course no diva without a glamorous scarf, big glasses, and gloves and big earrings. My aim was to revive that spirit from Shirley Maclaine in "What a Way to Go!" from 1961, but in a toned down way. Maybe the look a diva would wear if she goes grocery shopping or grabs some fast food at her local organic store before returning to her pink pool at home. How I love my colourful life…

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My Outfit:
Skirt and Top: Devoi, Cardigan: Sibling, Tights: Monki, Shoes: Ego, Bag: Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses: Gucci, Earrings: Happiness Boutique, Belt: Vintage, Gloves: Moschino, Scarf: Charlotte Simone

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