Tuesday, 8 May 2018

In Love with La Petite Box

La Petite Box, Subscription box, review
La Petite Box, Subscription Box, review
La Petite Box, Subscription Box, review

La Petite Box, an exciting Swiss lifestyle subscription box, is always good for a surprise. I love that they come up with new cool themes for their boxes month after month and that I discover new brands and products with them. This box was all about love, the topic number one among us girls (besides fashion and makeup) no matter if in a relationship or single.

Let me tell you more about the nine items in the box and if it was love at firs sight or not:

Mini Silk Scarf from The Moshi
One little silk scarf, many possibilities: It keeps the neck protected from the cold (or hides love bruises), can be used as a headband or to decorate a bag.

Cute Keychain from Virugle
Of course no love box without a Paris-themed item! I love this keychain with the cute macaroon, Eiffel Tower, and sweets charms. Oui, je peux utiliser ├ža!

Moschino Cheap And Chic So Real Mini
Everybody knows how much I love Moschino, so this is my favourite item in this box. It's a rather light and fresh scent with a mixture of citruses and fruity notes and a very cool blue bottle.

Treaclemoon Raspberry Kiss Handcream
A raspberry bomb for soft hands coming in a cute packaging. You do well treaclemoon!

Osis Soft Glam Strong Glossy Holdspray
A hairspray for a controlled out-of-bed-look. Love the pink bottle and its smell. Since I love to have my hair always 100% under control I think it might not be my thing.

Labellino by Labello Lip Balm
Very cute lip balm that smells like raspberry and red apple. Sounds like it must have come directly from paradiese and my lips are happy.

Toothbrush Set from Curaprox
I love Curaprox and their colourful toothbrushes. I was a little bit surprised by the Swiss cross (Wouldn't a heart have been better for a love box?). Since I don't have a very great sense of nationality, those found their way into another bathroom.

Heldenpause Lemonade
A lemonade without preservatives, sugar or artificial flavourings, but with an amazing taste of pears, apples, and herbs. Very yummy! Can I please have another bottle and pretend I'm a hero?

Marshmallow kit
A cool retro style kit to make your own pink marshmallows. As a vegan, I am sadly out, and I think I would be too lazy anyway, so I gave this one to a friend.

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