Tuesday, 29 May 2018

New Earrings for New Adventures

bird earrings, tukadu, swiss fashion blogger
Tukadu, unicorn earrings, swiss fashion blogger
Tukadu, bird earrings, quirky accessories
Tukadu, rainbow earrings, unicorn accessory
unicorn earrings, rainbow earrings, Tukadu

A few days ago I lost my favourite earring, a giant purple squid. I was sad, almost like when a good friend just left and I was alone, wishing that person back with me.

This might sound silly because I am just talking about a pair of earrings, a silly piece of plastic and metal, something purely material. But I had them for a few years and wore them quite often. I got a lot of compliments and people asked if they might touch them, even strangers. They traveled with me to London, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Lisbon, my squid companions.

I tried to find the quantum of good in my misfortune and told myself it was just a pair of earrings and it might be time for something new. I consider myself as a person who embraces change in many facets of life and this is no difficult lesson in proving that. What a lucky girl I must be if nothing worse happens to me but me losing some earrings!

The empty space my squid left got already filled: Two pairs of earrings from Berlin label Tukadu arrived to bring back a broad smile on my face. Designer Roberta, her son Tilman, and their team create unique and quirky pieces since 1993. I think both pairs I got are just as special as my squid, unicorns, and birds. So let's start adventures together, let's travel and see what looks we can create! Let's go far together, come back and catch people's eyes!

They are nicer animals than squids anyway, right?

What I wear:
Earrings: Tukadu, Turban: Jazzafine, Purple Top: Devoi, Rainbow Top: Unif

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