Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Sara Dares to be Different & Goes Self.Styled

self.styled, Anthony lycett, Moschino
self.styled, Anthony Lycett, fashion blogger

Ladies and Gentlemen, it finally happened: Sara is part of the Self.Styled project by British photographer Anthony Lycett. This is something I had been dreaming about for a long time because I longed to join the amazing and extraordinary people Anthony captures in his pictures.

Self.Styled is a project that celebrates the freedom of expression and the individuality of personal style. Since ten years, Anthony Lycett is portraying carefully chosen people, exploring themes such as gender, body shapes, different tastes and the meaning of colour in his work. Each person who participates in Self.Styled chooses two looks: Daywear and nightwear, both created in a stylist-free zone. Anthony stages his subjects in front of a plain white background to focus on their personality, character and look, freed from context.

Self.Styled has become a fascinating overview of the diverse understanding of taste and style. It unites all kind of eccentrics from Punks to Goths, dandies, transvestites and urban avant-gardists. I go even a step further and call it THE encyclopedia of individual style of our time. Browsing through the collection of the subject makes my heart jump with happiness because it's a boost of creativity and a visual anthem to a world where diversity is celebrated. Self.Styled challenges conventional standards of beauty and is proof there is space for all of us to be proud of who we are: A united zoo of colourful exotic creatures in a sea of communities who endeavour uniformity.

When I was asked to do my pictures, I first got into a panic attack, my wardrobe exploded into my bedroom and I was lost in a galaxy of possible outfits. How to reduce myself to only two looks? What is my essence? And even worse: How to choose looks that fit into a suitcase on top of all belongings required for a week of holidays in London (and space for additional shopping treasures)? For a second I was tempted to postpone the whole thing. But thanks to my eagerness to make my Self.Styled dream come true I suppressed my nervousness and simply went for looks I genuinely love. I had the picture of a quirky Lolita that runs away from home and goes on a road trip in my mind for the red look and an Alice in Wonderland garden party for the pink look. Both looks are playful, but I think they show different sides of me.

We did as well a few extra pictures, playing with the jewellery and costumes of artist Sophie Cochevelou. You see those below. How in love I am with that pony jacket! I am aware that many people would feel disguised wearing something like this, but I am the opposite: Less is not more, but just less me, so give me all the ponies, bury me in jewels and crown me with the Barbies to reveal my true self! The whole shooting was an exciting experience, and I want to thank Anthony for making me feel so comfortable in front of his camera and I am proud to be the only participant with Swiss origins until now.

There is already a book published about the project, you can get it on Amazon.
I am keeping my fingers crossed for a second book and maybe my I'll get my space in it...
Wish me luck.

Red Outfit:
Dress & Bag: Moschino, Sunglasses: Saint Laurent, Beret: Vintage,
Loved Palm Cuff: Gucci, Smiley brooch: Schmiley Mo, Pinata Brooch: Corazon Pompom,
Bangle: Les Georgettes by Altesse

My Outfit:
Dress: CeliaB, Flowercrown: Pearls & Swine, Bag: Marc Jacobs, Earrings: L.O.M., Bangles: Les Georgettes by Altesse, Tights: Calzedonia

All additional jewellery on the pictures below from Sophie Cochevelou

Sophie Cochevelou, My Little Pony, Anthony Lycett
Sophie Cochevelou, toy jewellery, fashion blogger
Sophie Cochevelou, pink costume, my little pony
Sophie Cochevelou, My Little Pony, fashion blogger

Copyright of all pictures by Anthony Lycett.