Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Come & Join the Pony Gang

denim look, My Little Pony, Tezenis
Pony Lover, Tezenis, denim look
denim look, My Little Pony, Tezenis
Sudio headphones, wireless, pink
Tezenis, My Little Pony Look,, denim trousers
Silhouette sunglasses, Shanghai Tofu beret, je ne sais quoi
Tezenis look, My little pony outfit, denim
Sudio headphones, wireless, pink
Sudio headphones, wireless, pink
rainbow bag, my little pony trousers, denim look
my little pony look, denim outfit, teens

Can somebody please write me a mail asking for my advice if it's still ok to love My Little Pony as a grownup? Ok, I don't wait for this to happen, but this is what I'd say:

Dear lovely reader,
the answer is very simple, yes! If you love them and they make your heart jump with happiness there can be absolutely nothing wrong!

I believe that all those unwritten restrictions about who is supposed to like what at what age are all just made to be broken. They are made for people who are afraid to stand and are simply ridiculous and silly! Don't fear if somebody says your love for ponies is childish because you are perfectly aware that this has nothing to do with dealing in an adult way in situations that require it. And if you like to express your love in your styles, do that as well.

Loving My Little Pony might just be a sign that you did a great job growing up but not losing your playful side, so please never stop stroking rainbow manes! If you have kids there might even be a bonus: You can share your love and toys!

Do you like my headphones? 

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My Outfit:
Trousers, Bodysuit & Vest: Tezenis, Belt: Kling, Bag: Skinnydip,
Sunglasses: Silhouette, Shoes: Y.R.U., Friendship Bracelets: Mama Tierra,
Beret: Shanghai Tofu, Pink Bra: Nike, Headphones: Sudio,
Pink Rosette Brooch: Jazzafine, Eye Pin: Coucou Suzette,
Phone Case: A Gift from a friend, Candy Ring: Sara Gallo, Green Ring: Miaki,
Heart Ring: Nina Bee

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  1. I loved mlp as a child and still do! My daughter is a huge fan so we have a house full of mlp toys and clothes: -)

    Emma xxx

  2. YESSS! I've always loved My Little Pony and I don't want to grow out of it! I think I'll always be a bit of a kid a heart! I love love love this whole outfit!

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