Wednesday, 27 June 2018

At Home with Hello Kitty & Blippo Giveaway

Hello Kitty, Calida Switzerland, fashion blogger
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Hello Kitty, fashion blogger, pink hair
Hello Kitty, Stationary, gift ideas
Hello Kitty, home, fashion blogger
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Hello Kitty, ZigZagZurich, home

Who is the cutest cartoon character in the universe? Hello Kitty, of course, cause her cute face is everywhere! Did you ever realize that your favourite cat doesn't have a mouth? Since somebody told me I can't forget about this.

But maybe Kitty doesn't need a mouth: She can play the piano, she can be everything she wants to be, and she has her own theme park, train and even traveled to space on her own little satellite. There is nothing Kitty can't achieve, she doesn't need to talk but just to follow her heart! Maybe her makers wanted to tell us that it's what we do and what we feel that matters, not what we say.

As a kid, I didn't have any Hello Kitty stuff, despite Kitty being around since 1974. Maybe that is why I need to catch up now and surround myself with a big flock of cute white Kittys. Everything from pencil cases to rulers and bowls is just more fun with Kitty's face on it! Thanks to Blippo I don't have to go to Japan to fetch my cuties, but they come all to my doorstep.

So darlings, from now on I stay home on my days off, wearing my loungewear while I cuddle with Hello Kitty.

Do you love Asian goodies too? Enter my giveaway to win a Blippo Surprise Kawaii Bag.

Sara is in Love with Blippo Giveaway

My Outfit & Accessories:
Dressing Gown & Trousers & Bra: Calida, Hello Kitty Merchandise: Blippo, Blanket: ZigZagZurich, Red Pillow: Wiedemann Mettler, Pink Basket: Protsaah

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