Monday, 2 July 2018

On Self-Love

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Self-Confidence, pink hair, swissblogger
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Swissblogger, fashion, ootd
swiss fashionblogger, pink hair, Cléo Ferin Mercury
ootd, swiss fashion blogger, influencer
ootd, Swiss influencer, bodhi bag
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ootd, swiss fashionblogger, pink hair

Since I am wearing a skirt so short and tight I wouldn't have chosen it last year; I think it's the right moment to talk about self-confidence and my relationship with my body! I am telling you those things because I hope some of you might find comfort or inspiration for more self-love in this article.

Let me go back to the times when I was a teenager till my early twenties: At this time I used to feel very disconnected from my body and didn't consider it as an inseparable part of me, but more as a vessel I haven't chosen but was given without having a choice.

Sometimes I saw it even as a cage that kept me from being who I'd like to be and doing what I wanted to do with its restrictions. When I listen to the song "My body is a Cage" by Peter Gabriel I can still feel a hint of my emotions from back then. Living like this is not easy, I am sure everybody who experienced the same will agree.

Only in my mid-twenties, something changed: I came to recognize that there is nothing wrong with my body. I told myself even if it might not be the best body in the world, that's fine since I can work on it and we can be a good team.

I never had a particularly unhealthy lifestyle – I've been a Vegetarian since I was fourteen, never smoked and didn't drink excessively  – but now I started to look even better after me. I began to eat more consciously, started to do sports and came to recognize and accept the stop signals my body sent me when I was using up my energy and resources without taking care of myself. I live plant based now and genuinely enjoy working on myself.

Today I believe that the way people react on you is to a significant part based on what you radiate: If it's excitement and positive energy, chances are good you get treated with those emotions too. From my own experience, I can say, that being kind to yourself and working on your positive energy is a powerful weapon that makes you happier and stronger.

So please girls: See the good in you and work on yourself instead of spending your time being unhappy!

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