Thursday, 26 July 2018

This is not LA / This is Sara-Land

Tufafii, African fashion, wax print
African Fashion, Wax print, Hanimanns Zurich
Sophia Webster, cork shoes, high heels
pink hair, sunnies, orange lipstick
crop top, African fashion, wax print
African fashion, wax print, crop top
Wax print, African fashion, style blogger
marc jacobs, bally, orange handbag
african wax print, pink hair, crop top
African wax print, street style, crop top
Marc Jacobs, African wax print, fashionblogger
African fashion, hanimanns, Zurich fashion blogger
african wax print, fashion blogger, Swiss influencer

Hi, this is Sara without the H, a girl captured in Zurich in an LA-style setting while wearing gorgeous African wax prints mixed with designer pieces and high street fashion.

Quite a clash isn't it? And totally where I do feel home: Dancing over borders, always looking for moments when different cultures, styles, and worlds come together, unite and melt into something new and beautiful. An entity is nothing but the combined amazingness of all its parts. Something as mundane as street style can become an expression of a life philosophy if you look twice and don't think clothes are nothing more but the fibers they are made from.

"What is Sara is in Love with about?" I got asked quite often. Well, I think this post shows it especially well: It's about building a world seen through my eyes, a joyful place of colours where individuality and being different is embraced, it's the empire of a crazy fashion chick sourcing inspiration from a globalized world.

I want to help to empower all the creative weirdos out there: It's ok to not fit in, just use your energy to change the world according to your visions and most important: Create and go your own way till you discover all the drawers they want you to put in have got too small.

I believe no matter where you are, you can find beauty in a place if you just keep looking hard enough. I heard bloggers complaining that we don't have such colourful and pretty walls as in LA over here: Look at my post, we do! It might have been more work to find them and capture them the way I imagined, but the harder things are to find the more precious they are!

My Outfit:
Top: Tufafii from Hanimanns, Skirt: Massimo Dutti, Bag: Marc Jacobs,
Bangle: Bally from Fashion Fish Factory Outlet, Sunglasses: Craig&KarlxLeSpecs,
Shoes: Sophia Webster, Belt: Vintage

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