Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Undergoing a Transformation

ems training, zurich, blogger review
Atlas Transformation, review, Zurich
Atlas Transformation, Zurich, review
boutique gym, zurich, ems
Ems training, zurich, review
ems, Zurich, Atlas Transformation
Atlas Transformation, boutique gym, Zurich
health, plant-based food,  Zurich

It was exactly one year ago when I experienced a sudden need for change: I felt that my lifestyle could be improved and it was time to take better care of myself. Long hours for my job at a branding agency and on top being model, photoshop wizard and girl for everything for my blog had left his marks. I didn't feel as fit as I wished, even if I never had issues with overweight. A glass of champagne at endless blogger events, compensation of stress through chocolate and my main exercise being a few steps to the bus were just not the best I could do for my future. Besides, as a fashion girl, it just matters to me that I fit into all crazy dresses and they look good on me.

Before I had a concrete plan, the plan found me: My blogger friend Jesca Li released a post, about her experience with a program at Atlas Transformation in Zurich that combines one-to-one EMS personal training (electrical muscle stimulation), a metabolism cure and weekly semi-personal training group sessions (once or twice per week training with 3-8 attendees). What convinced me was the proof in form of her before and after pictures: The difference is just remarkable and I thought if she could do this, I could too. Before I had second-thoughts I booked my first appointment.

When I arrived at the gym which is at a very central location very close to Bellevue I was positively surprised: Atlas Transformation turned out to be nothing like the gyms I've known, but a small and sophisticated studio that makes you feel comfortable whenever you step in. My trainer Jenny and me had a lovely chat about my goals and right from the beginning I felt in good hands and still love her encouraging and positive way.

I started with EMS and the Barre Fusion class, both once a week. In the beginning, the training was very challenging for me: I never did a plank before and my coordination was just a disaster. But the newly found motivation kept me going and it also helped to get in touch with the girls from my group training to exchange experiences. I love the EMS training because of its effectivity: The electrical impulses target muscle reactions while you train and that's what makes a short 30 minutes feel like an hour of regular workout. I usually do the EMS during my lunch break. That they have amazing plant-based healthy snacks such as a delicious acai bowl is very handy then.

During the personal training sessions, Jenny is always generous with inspiration, as an example, it was her who made me fall in love with smoothies and say goodbye to alcohol almost completely. All she needed was to tell me once: No pressure, no sinister words of warning, just motivation! Being a vegetarian since I was fourteen I also decided to go fully plant-based and it was extremely helpful that a wholesome plant-based diet is part of the Atlas Transformation philosophy.

It didn't take long until I saw results and that hooked me up for more. I kept my curves but my body changed and I even fit into the clothes I used to wear when I was 17, omg! And indeed my metabolic age went from 22 to 19, I dropped my weight by 5 kg, decreased my body and viszeral fat with keeping my muscle weight at the same time. I reached my finetuning goals for my shape, gained posture improvement and increased my body awareness through this training combination.

But the probably most surprising part of my change is that I started to enjoy exercise. I didn't want to admit it in the first place because I carefully built the image of being the pale fashion girl who despised sports, but now it's time to get rid of that old me: New me feels better, healthier and happier and you just can't keep her from going!

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Valid for 10 or 20 sessions Personal Express Experience 30 min and 10 or 20 sessions Personal Training Groups packages till 31.7.2018.

And here comes my before and after picture, just unretouched and without tricking with perspectives and clothing:

before after, results, gym


  1. Well done on all your hard work, you look fantastic! Looks like an amazing gym too!

    Emma xxx

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  3. Sara, that was such a pleasure to read about your "body-journey" and I feel blessed that I was able to inspire you! You always looked good, but love to see you now also sometimes in jeans and tight body suits, they look amazing on you!!!!

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