Thursday, 19 July 2018

With Every Blink We Change

Mood Ring, blogger accessories, pink accessoriesleopard nail art, blogger, nail design
Mood Ring, Swiss Ring, jewellery
Mood ring, accessory, jewellery
Mood Ring, accessory, interchangeable ring
mood ring, swiss ring, pineapple ring

Let's move together, evolve with every blink
The future is fluid so promise to come with me
Our 1000 faces in perpetual motion
from pink to black, yellow, green and back

Let's make our minds wide, wide open
With big eyes, we are facing endless possibilities
Can you feel the teasing wind carrying our hearts?
An outbreak of joy is the liberty of restlessness

Let’s fall in love with the new
We cross the word routine from the vocabulary
We are tiptoeing on futuristic paths with light feet
Experiencing colours never seen before

Let’s be fearless and bold
Our minds are dancing when we jump from the wall
We are floating rainbows in the sky
Always ourselves, never the same again

When thinking about Mood ring and it's connection to change – an essential part of my life philosophy – it might happen that this girl writes poetry instead of praising her newly achieved item and how cool it is that this ring doesn't stand still, just like me. The minimalistic steel base can be combined with a huge range of add-ons and gives you the freedom to express your mood.

What colour and shape would fit your current mood best?

What you see:
Ring and Add-Ons: Mood, Hat with pompoms: Mama Tierra, Flamingo Pinchos: Tauta Home,
Pink Bangle: Les Georgettes by Altesse, Bead Bracelet: Heartbeads
Marshmallow Squishy: DibsyMetallic Bangle: CharriollNail Art: I Love My Nails

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  1. This is incredibly cool. I used to love my mood ring when I was younger. I'm not sure which one I'd pick I love them all.

  2. Super cool blog :))) Thanks Sara !

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