Monday, 6 August 2018

Music Makes My Heart Fly Like an Air Balloon

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Swissfashionblogger, pink summer look, wayuu fashion
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All my pictures are made with music, it’s inseparably woven into them and they are breathing music like I breathe the air around me. Music is the source of inspiration I probably never mentioned, next to costume design, pop art, science fiction, Japanese street style, vintage pictures and many more. Unlike the others, music is not a visual form of expression and therefore might be less an obvious fashion inspiration resource, but I believe all sensual experiences are aspiring to express emotions in the end, no matter if acoustic, visual or olfactory.

Whenever I style looks and edit pictures, there is always music accompanying me, being my partner in crime and major influence. Very often I have that one specific song in mind when I work. This song completes the mood I am about to create and music is never just unrelated background for me. I couldn’t imagine a life without music at all, sometimes I cling to it like to an anchor, it enhances my feelings and there is always a song mirroring every feeling I am experiencing from utter crazy happiness to the deepest moments of sadness. Music is like a cloak surrounding me, sharing what I experience and comforting me when all colours disappear from my life for a moment of sadness.

What song goes with this outfit you might ask? For once I let you know and maybe just one of you listens to it while having a look at my pictures: Bubble Pop Electric by Gwen Stefani. I image dancing to it at a crazy summer party with a ball pit where I am wearing this look. 

So Johnny, get out of here!

My Outfit:
Dress: Devoi, Bag & Hat: Mama Tierra, Sunglasses: Betty and Veronica,
Bangle: Bally bought at Fashion Fish, Necklace: Swarovski, Shoes: Zaxy,
Colourful Ring: Mood, Rose Ring: Tenebris, Heart Ring: Nina Bee

Inflatable Heart: Dibsy

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  1. Dear perfect look! I love the dress but this hat is a dream!!! kissssssssss