Sunday, 6 January 2019

Seven Years in Love with

Sara is in Love with: blogger looks Switzerland colourful quirky alternative influencer ootd street style Moschino pink hair wayuu celiab pink
Sara is in Love with: blogger looks Switzerland colourful quirky alternative influencer ootd street style Moschino pink hair wayuu celiab pink

Not only in the calendar we opened a new chapter, but as well it's my blog's birthday. In January 2012 the first post went online and what started as a blog about headwear grew up, went its own way and took me on a crazy ride I couldn't have expected.

If I think back of the last year of my blogging life, what I feel strongest is gratitude: I am so happy Sara is in Love with… exists. When I started this blog I had no idea how much it would mean in my life and I can't imagine being without this creative, colourful online world. Sometimes I'm not sure if I am the creator of Sara is in Love with… or if the blog defines who I am. Maybe it's both ways, maybe it doesn't matter, but what matters is the overwhelming love I feel for what I can do and don't regret all the time, energy and dedication I put in this project.

I am a very lucky girl for all the cool events and things blogging brought into my life and that being a blogger gave me a stronger voice to be heard that I can use not just for myself, but to promote brands I love and even do good. I hope I can be an even stronger voice in the next year and make a statement for topics that mean a lot to me such as production conditions, sustainability, empowering women and the unity of all humankind. And hey: It's cool I haven't bought a tube of toothpaste or hand cream in the last few years. ;-)

Thank you for following my journey, for all your comments, emails and likes, this is what makes a blogger keep going more than anything else! A big thank you goes to my photographer Marco Borromeo, without him, this world wouldn't exist and I am astonished again and again by how he manages to capture the best in me. We share a mutual love for aesthetics, details and I couldn't be more grateful he is just as crazy as me to spend hours in the freezing cold, working on the perfect picture. I love to work with different photographers because they show sides of me I sometimes didn't see before, but then I'm always glad to come back and shoot with Marco since he takes pictures of exactly the Sara I have in mind.

As well I am thankful for the brands and agencies who feel the excitement I put in my work and want me to be their face. Working together is never just a job, but a little love story, especially since my blog name is a promise to only showcase things I am genuinely in love with.

My highlights of the year

Sara is in Love with: blogger self.styled Moschino Ben Frost look Self.Styled Anthony lycett London people individual unique saint Laurent gucici pink hair

Something I've been dreaming of for a long while has come true: I am part of Self.Styled, the project of British photographer Anthony Lycett. Self.Styled is THE encyclopedia of individual style and celebrates the diverse understanding of style. Let's keep the fingers crossed there will be a second book about this project soon and I might be part of it...

Sara is in Love with: blogger influencer ego fair fashion ethic fashion wayuu Columbia empower women

This year I continued my engagement for the Swiss non-profit organization Mama Tierra. It fills me with joy to support their cause to empower indigenous women. I worked for them as a model, but also helped to sell the wonderful ethnic craftmanship at different markets in Zurich.

Sara is in Love with: blogger illustration art drawing portrait fashion sketch pink hair

If there is one thing I love it's being a muse for artists. Every time I get drawn my heart makes a jump because art means a lot to me. It fills me with pride that I inspire artists from all over the world to pick up their brushes or pens and create their very own version of me.

Artworks by: Yanick Monteiro, Yuka Hayashi, @char1otte.sometimes, Holly Hatam,
Andrea Kälin, Hello the Mushroom, @shaloton, @shaloton

Sara is in Love with: blogger Moschino H&M Teddy pink hair Jeremy Scott style fashion pink kiss

When I was asked by H&M to be part of their very selected influencer team to promote the Moschino collection I felt like I reached my personal paradise. No brand means as much to me as Moschino and wearing the pieces when nobody else had them was just wow. Dear Mr. Scott, one day we will meet, I'm coming for you ;-)

Sara is in Love with: blogger instasitter relaxwepost ibis hotels Accor family pink hair social media detox

I also had the chance to be a pioneer and worked as one of the world's first instasitters for the ibis hotel family. Besides the pleasure to take over somebody's profile and let them enjoy their holidays meanwhile, it was exciting to do my very first radio interviews with radio stations from Switzerland, Germany and (omg) even BBC.

Sara is in Love with: blogger fashion revolution who made my clothes fair fashion mama Tierra sustainability wayuu

Fashion is what I love, but I don't want people to suffer for what I wear and I care about what my shopping choices cause. Therefore I didn't have to think twice when the Fashion Revolution asked me to join them as an ambassador and ask brands who made my clothes and be critical about my own behaviour as a shopper. It's only the beginning, let the revolution continue!

Sara is in Love with: blogger fashion Diana Rikasari Gucci Moschino influencers Zurich Kunsthaus Miro art colourful quirky friends bff girlfriends

Sometimes you meet people you feel deeply connected at first sight. Famous Indonesian blogger Diana Rikasari is one of those people and I am proud to call her my style soul sister. Since she moved from Jakarta to Switzerland we are able to see each other and spend time as friends sharing our lives and fashion desires. Together we do our best to bring colour to this country. I love you to the moon and back my girl!

Sara is in Love with: blogger fashion Sweet Art Museum Lisbon Lisboa candy pink ice cream bubble bath pink hair art interior bathtub

Last but not least I want to include the happiest place I discovered this year: The Sweet Art Museum in Lisbon. I've never felt so home in a place before, all surrounded by pink, candy, and cuteness. Wish I could go there every week, take a bubble bath, walk through ice cream land and have a jump into the marshmallow pool.

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