Thursday, 14 March 2019

A Wild Game: Doing Fashion Graduate Show Basel

Wow, Switzerland you amazed me again! Last weekend, I attended the Doing Fashion Graduate Show in Basel by the Institut of Fashion Design/FHNW Academy of Art and Design and it was bolder, wilder and better than anything I expected! 21 graduating students (aka players) presented their powerful creativity in the parking lot of the Grand Casino Basel and they took the risk of not being afraid to leave the paths of commercial demands.

The whole show, I was sitting on my chair with a big wide grin when collection after collection passed the catwalk to drumming beats and not a single one was about simplicity. Yes, the topics of the moment such as playing with genders and sustainability were present too, but not in a dull or oversaturated way. This is what I wanted to see for a long time in Switzerland.

Players, you used your cards very well!

Let me share my favourite moments with you:


Janine Reitmann: What you have killed you must also love
One of the most iconic moments of the show was when the model wearing this look stepped on the catwalk. It was like an unknown painting by surrealist painter Magritte has come alive and started to breathe. Most models had their faces hidden behind fabrics and there was a melancholic beauty in the air. Were they beautiful corpses or artworks coming alive? Either way it was absolutely magical, theatrical and a moment of fashion that will linger on my mind for a long time!

Doing Fashion Graduate Show, Victoria Waltisperg, Switzerland Basel

Victoria Waltisperg: You say Witch like it`s a bad thing
A very strong collection about sisterhood, feminity, and sensuality. The models looked like mystical goddesses, wearing Victoria's creations and the symbol of the all-seeing and the closed eye was omnipresent. Witches see the outer and the inner world and this is the fashion for strong, confident women. "Poor are those who cannot see," it said on a veil and I'd say who doesn't see the beauty of this collection is poor indeed.

Doing Fashion Graduate Show, Jana Colic, Switzerland Basel

Jana Colic: It will be once upon a time
My fav look of the whole evening was part of the pastel-coloured collection of Jana, who created her own world driven by nostalgia and gratitude for the two worlds – Western and the Serbian – where she is at home. I fell in love with the dichotomy between voluminous shapes transforming bodies and the cheekiness of revealing skin. And of course this wonderful cloud print. Can I wear them, please?

Doing Fashion Graduate Show, Lida Nobakht, Switzerland Basel

Lida Nobakht: More is More
What better thing could happen than when your life motto is turned into a collection? Lida wanted to create sovereignty by adding more fabrics to her looks and came up with a colourful and playful collection. She was inspired by Iranian artist Monir and her mirror artworks as well as the love for Iran, where Lida's roots lie. A bright collection with artful accessories that unites heritage and modernity. I'm sure Lida's idol Monir would love it too!

Doing Fashion Graduate Show, Eva-Maria Schmid, Switzerland Basel

Eva-Maria Schmid: Revue
A collection dedicated to a new club called Revue, where the bouncers wear colourful clothing and all guests are dressed in the vibrant creations of Eva-Maria. For sure all eyes would be on the girl dancing to rave music while wearing this amazing voluminous dress with the wild print mix. She would be the star of the club. This is how a modern, techno-crazy Marie Antoinette would look!

Doing Fashion Graduate Show, Gerold Brenner, Switzerland Basel, Jacqueline Loekito, swiss fashion blogger, influencer, red carpet

Last but not least: I love my fashion gang
If life would be a never-ending fashion show I'd be the happiest girl on earth! When the hammering music fills the halls and the models walk in I'm excited. But not just because of the inspiring looks that are far from what you see on the street, but as well since wherever there is a fashion show, my gang is not far away. Thank you Jacqueline Loekito, Gerold Brenner and Cherry Greta for being my quirky crowd!

Pictures: Elisabeth Pantaleo / NOWFASHION

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