Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Let's Travel, Discover Something New

I love traveling because it is one of the best ways to open the mind and find new inspiration. The memories of my journeys are precious and dear because they stay vivid long after arriving back home. Without traveling, I wouldn't be the person who I am, it shaped me and changed the way I think. It keeps my curiosity to learn more about this world and its people burning in my heart. Every journey is a challenge, revealing new sides of myself and making me appreciate life and a breeze of pure and overwhelming freedom.

When you leave the door to go on a journey, it's an opportunity to explore unknown places and leave your comfort zone while you encounter the unexpected far from your to-do lists. Traveling means saying goodbye to the daily routine and exchange it for an adventure. It can be a rather tame adventure or something more daring, but it's always the opposite of monotony. It's exciting to dive into new cultures, eat different food and be surrounded by an unknown language. Whenever I am on a journey I feel highly aware that there is more out there than my small microcosmos.

In everyday life it's so easy to get lost in a sea of pettinesses: Why is the bus not on time? Why is my hairdresser on holidays when I want to book an appointment? Why is the wi-fi so slow? Do you know what I mean? Sometimes a journey helps to realize all of those things are not that important at all, especially when we encounter people who have to deal with completely different things. There are as many ways to live a life as places on this planet and it's a gift to discover a few during a lifetime.

So let's pack our suitcase and off we go! I'm ready with my new cute luggage set from Lipault, of course in my favourite colour. From now on people can guess what bag is mine I guess.

Where does your next journey go?

My Outfit:
Top: Jacqueline Loekito, Shorts: Vintage, Tights: Calzedonia, Shoes: Koi Footwear,
Suitcase and Backpack: Lipault, Hat: Lack of Color, Earrings: Baked by Lou, Sunglasses:Sorayraya

Pictures: Marco Borromeo
Source of original content: saraisinlovewith.com

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1 comment :

  1. Liebe Sarah, oh ja das Reisen ist so bereichernd, nicht nur für Reisegepäckhersteller :))
    Diese Eindrücke man nimmt so viel mit fürs Leben. Ich bin dankbar dass wir die Möglichkeit haben so leicht zu verreisen. Meine nächste Reise ist gebucht, Südostasien. Wunderschön.
    Weil mein Hartschalenkoffer etwas klein ist habe ich mich gleich mal umgesehen bei Lipault. Die Firma kannte ich noch nicht. Die Koffer sind toll, die Farbe pink Azalea hat es mir auch angetan. Und leicht ist er auch. Sehr wichtig wenn man für 4 Wochen nur 20 kg Gepäck haben darf. Aber was quatsche ich da, ich soll den Koffer ja nicht Dir verkaufen, :))
    Dein Look ist klasse, ein richtiger Hingucker.
    Liebe Grüße Tina