Sunday, 7 July 2019

Follow the Neon Trail

I’ve always had this thing with neon. Like a moth attracted by the light, I am drawn to bright, fluorescent colours and neon signs. It’s either because I am an eighties child or that it runs in my veins.

When my grandfather was a young man, he went to Italy on holiday and saw "glowing advertisings" for the first time. He was so captured by this that when he went home to his tiny village, he decided to start a neon sign company. Probably the first one in the country. My grandma told me that people called him mad, but he believed in it, and the company still exists. If I still had some of the signs they produced, I’d love to mix them with the tropical neon collection in my living room and have a Mini-Vegas at home.

Thinking about my grandfather makes me wish I could do something as exciting and new as bringing neon signs to a place where people haven’t seen them before. But it has becomer tougher to come up with something new in a world where an eight-year-old might tell you that he has seen it all before. The resurrected 80's trend of wearing hot pink and blinding yellow still catches some stares for sure, but the times when it was genuinely shocking are long gone. 

But it didn’t lose its excitement, so let’s follow the neon trail this summer and don’t follow the style guides that tell you to pair your neon pieces with beige please!

My Outfit:
Dress: Who's That Girl, Cardigan: Sibling Vintage, Earrings & Necklace: Tatty Devine,
Handbag: Essential Antwerp, Sunglasses: Gentle Monster, Shoes: Bally from Fashionfish,
Socks: Glassworks, Phone Case: Valfre

Nails: Nailstudio Diva, Pictures: Marco Borromeo

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  1. Liebe Sarah, ein toller Look von Kopf bis Fuß! Neon oh ja das ist besonders und mir gefällt Dein Styling sehr gut. Meinst Du das ernst mit Beige? Wird das empfohlen? Woooo how boring! da bin ich ja froh bei Dir zu schaun. Tolle Geschichte mit Deinem Großvater und toll dass er seine Idee umgesetzt hat :)
    Liebe Grüße Tina